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OH buildhelper page has interactivity / remembers what step you were on #522

imported-from-roundup opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Comment by aldeka:

Currently the buildhelper checkboxes do nothing. What they ought to do is get
AJAXily recorded in a one-to-many of which people have completed a given step,
so we can save your progress.

Comment by paulproteus:

One difficulty is that if the backend admin changes the name of a buildhelper
step... do we invalidate the checkboxes? What if the text changes?

These are just questions. They're not showstoppers.

Comment by paulproteus:

Not yet done.

Comment by paulproteus:

Marking as not-bitesized because I (hereby) propose that we remove this feature,
rather than keep maintaining it.

Comment by paulproteus:

Having removed the buildhelper UI, I'm closing this bug.

Status: resolved
Nosy List: aldeka, paulproteus
Priority: feature
Imported from roundup ID: 207 (view archived page)
Last modified: 2014-04-26.19:31:00

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