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Trac importer explodes when both "Assigned:" and "Owner:" fields are missing #546

imported-from-roundup opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Comment by pythonian4000:

While working on I found that one of the
Tango bugs killed the importer. Turned out that bug didn't have "Assigned:" or
"Owner" set, and the people-counter got upset. This patch fixes that.

Comment by paulproteus:

Hey Jack,

I'm adding this for now, without a test. As we move forward into the beautiful
async future, I'm going to start insist on more tests.

Status: resolved
Nosy List: paulproteus, pythonian4000
Priority: urgent
Imported from roundup ID: 231 (view archived page)
Last modified: 2011-01-26.14:10:00

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