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Web UI for project maintainers should permit sending an email to wannahelper within the website #824

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Comment by paulproteus:

Dirk suggested this feature.

When you see a wannahelper in the web UI, we should let you contact that person
immediately through the site.

Status: unread
Nosy List: paulproteus
Priority: feature
Imported from roundup ID: 509 (view archived page)
Last modified: 2011-08-03.14:42:42

@ehashman ehashman removed the z:imported label
@shaunagm shaunagm modified the milestone: Project Finder Update

A quick fix is to require that people signing up as "wannahelper" add their email to their profile. Or, less aggressively, we could add a warning: "You are signing up as 'want to help' but have not included any contact information in your profile. Project maintainers will not be able to contact you and help you contribute to the project. Proceed anyway?"

@willingc willingc modified the milestone: Pending strategic plan
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