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app block spam but don't error
config unphotographed plaques uses full tiled and cached mapping
doc Updating gitignore so that docs are ignored. Adding required READMEs
lib/tasks regular Flickr crawl needs https
public calm the crawlers a bit
script Initial import of repo from…
test Fixing a bunch of functional tests (we rescue from ActiveRecord::Reco…
vendor/assets move out of vendor directory
.gitignore Switchint to Unicorn as server-layer
.slugignore Don't ignore doc
.travis.yml Testing
Gemfile Adding a way to create a first admin user
Gemfile.lock Adding rails12factor gem to avoid some Heroku warnings
Procfile Switchint to Unicorn as server-layer
README minor Update
Rakefile Initial import of repo from… Initial import of repo from…
example.env Specify secret keys on an environment basis
install_curb_on_Windows.bat if you are on Windows
start.bat it is 'rails server' nowadays

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