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mHero Synchronisation Coordinator

It synchronises health worker information from Health Worker Registry to RapidPro.

How to setup

After 'git clone' the repository, do following in your working directory:

Prepare your environment:

  • (Make sure you have NodeJS installed)
  • npm install -g grunt-cli
  • npm install

Run test:

  • cp config/hero-auth-config.sample.json config/
  • (Edit config/ to fit your config. Please use "" for rapidpro.instance)
  • grunt

Pull and push data:

  • cp config/hero-auth-config.sample.json config/hero-auth-config.staging.json
  • (Edit config/hero-auth-config.staging.json to fit your config)
  • ./scripts/heracles.js (to pull data)
  • ./scripts/sisyphus.js (to push data)

Run as a service:

Run at staging server

  • (Get LiberiaHWR.pem from Carl and copy it to ~/.ssh/ folder.)
  • ssh -i ~/.ssh/LiberiaHWR.pem -l ubuntu
  • cd node/mhero-synch/
  • git pull
  • (Make sure config/hero-config.staging.json is what you want.)
  • forever restartall (Run the latest revision.)
  • lynx http://localhost:8082 (Trigger a pull-push activity.)
  • (Check ~/.forever/Wr-_.log for logs. Check run/push.log for errors happened when pushing contacts to RapidPro.)