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OpenHPC Users

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Date Site/Organization Type Location OS # of Nodes
1/25/2017 MIT/Koch Institute Academic Americas CentOS/RHEL 4-8
2/13/2017 Institute for Theoretical Physics UAM-CSIC Academic Europe CentOS/RHEL 85
2/16/2017 University of California, San Diego - Kutas Cognitive Electrophysiology Lab Academic Americas CentOS/RHEL 5
3/16/2017 Lamar University Academic Americas CentOS/RHEL 10
3/17/2017 Fluids Mechanics Laboratory of Federal University of Uberlândia - MFLAB / UFU Academic Americas CentOS/RHEL 37
3/24/2017 Sprinx Systems, a.s. Academic Europe CentOS/RHEL 30
4/27/2017 IBM Academic Asia CentOS/RHEL 15
4/28/2017 IBM Official Asia CentOS/RHEL 20
5/4/2017 University of Iceland Academic Europe CentOS/RHEL 50
5/10/2017 SPRINX Systems, a.s. Academic Europe CentOS/RHEL Hundreds
5/12/2017 University of California, Santa Cruz, CA Academic Americas CentOS/RHEL 20-25
6/2/2017 Institute for Comptational Engineering and Sciences, UT Austin Academic Americas CentOS/RHEL 40
6/23/2017 CPY-CUHK Academic Asia CentOS/RHEL 50
8/1/2017 Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Academic Asia CentOS/RHEL 15
8/8/2017 The University of Southern Mississippi School of Computing Academic Americas CentOS/RHEL 22
9/7/2017 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Academic Americas CentOS/RHEL 7
9/20/2017 HPC UMC1 Academic Africa CentOS/RHEL 32
11/23/2017 DESY Academic Europe CentOS/RHEL 64
12/7/2017 Texas Advanced Computing Center Academic Americas CentOS/RHEL 10
12/7/2017 Chung Cheng Institute of Technology Academic Asia CentOS/RHEL 4
12/12/2017 AlphabetInc IoT admin X Americas Hybrid unix 64
1/18/2018 Swansea University (Engineering Dept) Academic Europe CentOS/RHEL 76
2/6/2018 San Jose State University, Computer Engineering Academic Americas CentOS/RHEL 35
2/23/2018 Acceleron Labs Pvt Ltd Industry Asia CentOS/RHEL 72
2/24/2018 The University of Queensland Academic Oceania CentOS/RHEL 20
2/26/2018 Los Alamos National Laboratory Government Americas CentOS/RHEL 47
3/5/2018 Bristol Is Open Bridging Academia and Government, Smart Cities Europe CentOS/RHEL 10
3/6/2018 Folkehelseninstitutet Government Europe CentOS/RHEL 20
4/3/2018 Tasmanian Partnership for Advanced Computing Academic Oceania CentOS/RHEL 256
4/11/2018 Materials Physics Center - CFM (CSIC-UPV/HU) Academic Europe CentOS/RHEL 191
4/16/2018 Texas Tech University Academic Americas CentOS/RHEL
4/22/2018 District6 Group Industry Americas CentOS/RHEL 4
4/24/2018 University of California Santa Cruz Academic Americas CentOS/RHEL 85
6/14/2018 Southern Illinois University Academic Americas CentOS/RHEL 40
6/14/2018 Sandia National Laboratories Government Americas CentOS/RHEL 47
6/27/2018 LCI / Instituto Tecnologico de Veracruz Academic Americas CentOS/RHEL 9
7/3/2018 ANURAG Government Asia CentOS/RHEL 100
7/8/2018 Apex / Magdy Yacoub Foundation Research Africa CentOS/RHEL 6
7/10/2018 Dept. of Chemistry / Politecnico di Milano Academic Europe CentOS/RHEL 48
9/6/2018 Burgee Scientific Industry Americas CentOS/RHEL 3
10/2/2018 Haynie Research & Development LLC Industry Americas CentOS/RHEL 8
10/5/2018 The Central European Institute for Cosmology and Fundamental Physics (CEICO) Academic Europe CentOS/RHEL 28
10/8/2018 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Academic Americas CentOS/RHEL 202
10/24/2018 Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL) Academic Americas CentOS/RHEL 11
10/24/2018 University of KwaZulu-Natal - School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Academic Africa CentOS/RHEL 300
10/25/2018 Dell Industry Asia CentOS/RHEL 10
10/29/2018 Kathmandu University Academic Asia CentOS/RHEL 200
11/8/2018 Leibniz Supercomputing Centre Government Europe SLES 6480
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