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Using AppAuth with IdentityServer4

Since IdentityServer4 is a certified OpenID Connect implementation and supports PKCE, there are no special steps needed to use it with AppAuth.

Sample IdentityServer client definition that works OOB with the AppAuth sample:

var client = new Client
    ClientId = "native.code",
    ClientName = "Native Client (Code with PKCE)",
    RequireClientSecret = false,
    RedirectUris = { "io.identityserver.demo:/oauthredirect" },

    AllowedGrantTypes = GrantTypes.Code,
    RequirePkce = true,
    AllowedScopes = { "openid", "profile" },
    AllowOfflineAccess = true

Connecting the AppAuth sample to the IdentityServer4 demo instance

You can find a demo instance of IdentityServer4 at On the main page you can find a number of registered clients and their configuration (all clients can use arbitrary redirect URIs).

The following changes are required for the AppAuth sample:

// set the issuer
static NSString *const kIssuer = @"";

// client ID for code flow + PKCE
static NSString *const kClientID =

// some redirect URI (must match the plist setting)
static NSString *const kRedirectURI =

Getting support for IdentityServer

The IdentityServer project has an issue tracker and documentation. Feel free to open an issue when you think you found a bug or unexpected behavior. There's also a pretty active community on StackOverflow that can help out with more general questions.

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