The (draft) OpenID Contract Exchange Extension specification.
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About This Project

This repository is to host (draft) OpenID Contract Exchange Specs and related files. 

Contact =nat ( for details. 

The specification is under discussion in `openid-cx list`_ . 

.. _`openid-cx list`:



For OP to notify the status change of a CX Contract, the `` in a request SHOULD be used same as with AX.

A RP SHOULD parse `status` AX parameter of which type is specified by
The `status` value SHOULD be specifed as the `openid.artifact` paramter in the `Direct Assertion Request` to the OP endpoint.
The OP SHOULD proper `unsolicited possitive assertion` messeage including CX Contract or other message in HTTP response body.


Sphinx_ document project added by ( ).

 svn co cx-doc

The HTML build version is hosted at 

.. _Sphinx: