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21718a2 [project @ add background-associations.txt]
Kevin Turner authored
1 include LICENSE NOTICE CHANGELOG NEWS background-associations.txt
190bde7 [project @ update distutils things for admin/ and test/ move]
Kevin Turner authored
2 graft admin
1dade4e [project @ add contrib/]
Kevin Turner authored
3 graft contrib
14c7428 [project @ examples/ lacked discover and xml templates]
Kevin Turner authored
4 recursive-include examples README discover *.py *.html *.xml
1f70073 [project @ Include more test data files in the manifest]
Josh Hoyt authored
5 recursive-include openid/test *.txt dhpriv n2b64 *.py
221116c [project @ Add test data directory to the setuptools]
Josh Hoyt authored
6 recursive-include openid/test/data *
5824d45 [project @ Change docs/ to the more standard doc/]
tailor authored
7 recursive-include doc *.css *.html
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