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Fixed a bug in Message.toPostArgs() related to UTF-8 encoded values.

In generating the argument dictionary the .toPostArgs() method (apparently)
assumed that values were all Unicode objects and called
``value.encode('utf-8')`` on them unconditionally. However, the values appear
to be a mixed set of Unicode objects and UTF-8 encoded strings (most being of
the latter group).

Calling .encode('utf-8') on a string will implicitly decode the string into a
Unicode object before encoding it to the selected encoding. This automatic
decoding happens using the ``sys.getdefaultencoding()`` encoding which is by
default 'ascii'. The original call therefore works only as long as the values
are 7-bit ASCII and breaks when they contain higher bit characters.

The patch ensures that the resulting values in the returned dictionary are
UTF-8 encoded strings regardless if the input values were Unicode objects or
UTF-8 strings.
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commit c3d9bffefa435dac9dba5ab9ecac715e589e1668 1 parent 0dd2e81
@dokai dokai authored
Showing with 16 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +2 −1  openid/
  2. +14 −0 openid/test/
3  openid/
@@ -277,7 +277,8 @@ def toPostArgs(self):
for (ns_uri, ns_key), value in self.args.iteritems():
key = self.getKey(ns_uri, ns_key)
- args[key] = value.encode('UTF-8')
+ # Ensure the resulting value is an UTF-8 encoded bytestring.
+ args[key] = oidutil.toUnicode(value).encode('UTF-8')
return args
14 openid/test/
@@ -462,6 +462,20 @@ def test_toPostArgs(self):
'xey': 'value',
+ def test_toPostArgs_bug_with_utf8_encoded_values(self):
+ msg = message.Message.fromPostArgs({'openid.mode':'error',
+ 'openid.error':'unit test',
+ 'openid.ns':message.OPENID2_NS
+ })
+ msg.setArg(message.BARE_NS, 'ünicöde_key', 'ünicöde_välüe')
+ self.failUnlessEqual(msg.toPostArgs(),
+ {'openid.mode':'error',
+ 'openid.error':'unit test',
+ 'openid.ns':message.OPENID2_NS,
+ 'ünicöde_key': 'ünicöde_välüe',
+ })
def test_toArgs(self):
# This method can't tolerate BARE_NS.
self.msg.delArg(message.BARE_NS, "xey")
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