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Ruby OpenID Library Installation

Rubygems Installation

Rubygems is a tool for installing ruby libraries and their dependancies. If you have rubygems installed, simply:

gem install ruby-openid

Manual Installation

Unpack the archive and run setup.rb to install:

ruby setup.rb

setup.rb installs the library into your system ruby. If don't want to add openid to you system ruby, you may instead add the lib directory of the extracted tarball to your RUBYLIB environment variable:

$ export RUBYLIB=${RUBYLIB}:/path/to/ruby-openid/lib

Testing the Installation

Make sure everything installed ok:

$> irb
irb$> require "openid"
=> true

Or, if you installed via rubygems:

$> irb
irb$> require "rubygems"
=> true
irb$> require_gem "ruby-openid"
=> true

Run the test suite

Go into the test directory and execute the runtests.rb script.

Next steps

  • Run consumer.rb in the examples directory.
  • Get started writing your own consumer using OpenID::Consumer
  • Write your own server with OpenID::Server
  • Use the OpenIDLoginGenerator! Read example/README for more info.