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The OpenIGTLink Library

The OpenIGTLink Library is a C/C++ implementation of The OpenIGTLink Protocol.

OpenIGTLink is an open-source network communication interface specifically designed for image-guided interventions. It aims to provide a plug-and-play unified real-time communications (URTC) in operating rooms (ORs) for image-guided interventions, where imagers, sensors, surgical robots,and computers from different vendors work cooperatively. This URTC will ensure the seamless data flow among those components and enable a closed-loop process of planning, control, delivery, and feedback. The specification of OpenIGTLink is open, and can be used without any license fee; hence OpenIGTLink is suitable for both industrial and academic developers.

The latest information of the protocol is available at OpenIGTLink Web Page. The definition of the protocol used in the current version (one in this git repository) can be found in Protocol Documentation

Build Status

  • Linux/Mac: Build Status
  • Windows: Build status

Build Instruction

Please see BUILD Instruction.

How to Contribute?

If you find any issues or have feature request, please feel free to post to Issues.

The OpenIGTLink community is adapted to the collaborative development model on GitHub. GitHub's instruction provides a nice overview of collaborative development models and workflows.


The code is distributed as open source under The 3-Clause BSD License. Please refer to the license terms available at Open Source Initiative Page or LICENSE.txt included in the source repository.

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