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Command Message

  • Protocol Version: 3.0
  • Release Date: January 20, 2017
  • Available: 3.0 and later


The COMMAND is a message type that can be used to transfer a command string structured in XML. While STRING offers a similar functionality, COMMAND has additional fields to include command ID and name providing an easy way to reference previous messages exchanged between the two hosts during the session.

IGSIO ( demonstrates representative usage of the COMMAND type.

Message Types


Data Type Description
COMMAND_ID uint32 The unique ID of this command
COMMAND_NAME uint8[IGT_COMMAND_SIZE] The name of the command
ENCODING uint16 Character encoding type as MIBenum
           |                        | (defined by IANA). Default=3

LENGTH | uint32 | The length of command COMMAND | uint8[LENGTH] | The command encoded with ENCODING

For MIBenum values, please refer