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ImageMeta Message

  • Protocol Version: 3.0
  • Release Date: January 20, 2017


The IMGMETA message is used to transfer image meta information which is not available in IMAGE message type, such as patient name, medical record number, modality etc. An IMGMETA message can contain meta-data for multiple images. This message type may be used to obtain a list of images available in the remote system, such as image database or commercial image-guided surgery (IGS) system.

Message Types


Data Type Description
NAME char[64] Name or description of the image
ID char[20] ID to query the IMAGE and COLORT
MODALITY char[32] String which specifies the modality
PATIENT_NAME char[64] Name of the patient
PATIENT_ID char[64] ID of the patient
TIMESTMP uint64 Scan time, see Timestamp
RI, RJ, RK uint16[3] Number of pixels in each direction (same as in IMAGE)
S uint8 Scalar type (e.g. 3:uint8, 5:uint16, same as in IMAGE)
-- uint8 Reserved
  • More than one item can be transmitted. The number is bodySize/itemSize.
  • To get the IMAGE, GET_IMAGE is used with the Id in the device name field.


GET_IMGMETA is used to query for meta data of image sets. If DEVICE_NAME in the header is empty, a list of meta data for all available images is returned.

Data Type Description
          |               |







  • Alexander Schaal