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This is a port of OpenBSD's OpenIKED to other Unix-like operating systems including Linux, macOS, FreeBSD and NetBSD.


The official documentation for OpenIKED are the man pages for each tool:

and the OpenBSD VPN FAQ.

Installing OpenIKED

Binary Packages

Binary packages for OpenIKED are available for the package managers of various operating systems and Linux distributions:

Building from source

Portable OpenIKED is built using cmake. It requires a working C compiler, standard library and headers, a yacc compatible parser generator, libevent, and libcrypto from either LibreSSL or OpenSSL.

git clone
cd openiked-portable
mkdir build && cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
# install
make install

A few additional setup steps are required to create the intial configuration files, key material and system users. The easiest way to do this is running the setup scripts included in the source repository.