OIN Metadata Specification
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OIN Metadata Specification

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Any S3 buckets listed in the Register will need to follow a specification to enable valid indexing within a catalog instance. A metadata file is required for each image file in the bucket. An image file is an RGB GeoTIFF.This repository contains the metadata specification.

Sample file

See sample.json

Specification Description

element type name description
uuid string File unique URI to file
projection string Projection CRS of the datasource in full WKT format
bbox array Bounding Box Pair of min and max coordinates in CRS units, (min_x, min_y, max_x, max_y)
footprint string Datasource footprint WKT format, describing the actual footprint of the imagery
gsd number Ground Sample Distance Average ground sample distance (resolution) of the datasource imagery, expressed in meters
file_size number File Size File size on disk in bytes
acquisition_start string Acquisition Date Start First date of acquisition in UTC (Combined date and time representation)
acquisition_end string Acquisition Date End Last date of acquisition in UTC (Combined date and time representation) (optional)
title string Title Human friendly title of the image
platform string Type of imagery List of possible platform sources limited to satellite, aircraft, UAV, balloon, kite, helikite, pole, and rover
provider string Imagery Provider Provider/owner of the OIN bucket
contact string Contact Name and email address of the data provider
properties object Properties Additional properties about the image (optional)