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OI App Center

The place with all your data about Blockstack apps.

Further Documentation in nested READMEs

  • please see the src README for explanation on the layout
  • please see the app README for explanation on the app

Other Resources

Other useful resources/reference projects that may help you:

Local Development

Curate App Meta Data

Following files can be edited manually:

  • unlisted-app.json
    • data for apps not listed on
  • src/app-meta.json
    • mark apps unusable apps
    • specify manifest location
    • overwrite foss details

To generate all meta with the edited data run

yarn generate


  • src/components/posts.js contains the list of static posts that will be mixed with updates from verified authors. The date is not taken from the front matter.
  • content/blog/<blog-folder> contains a blog, needs to be added to posts.js


  1. Launch Radiks server
    1. In terminal start db server. Run: mongod
    2. In second terminal start radiks: Run: yarn start
  2. Launch Gatsby server