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In Java Application (server)
0. in SensorModel class, add constants for the new server: POZ_X, TYPE_X, X
1. describe sensor:
add classes:
2. add sensor in the code:
in SensorSimulatorModel add sensors.add(new XModel())
in SensorSimulatorView add sensors.add(new XView(xmodel))
in SensorSimulatorController add sensors.add(new XController(xmodel, xview))
3. add sensor in communication:
add (in model.sensor.SensorServerThread class) code in the method getSensorModelFromName, getSensorCtrlFromName
in SettingsActivity
1. in Sensor class, add TYPE_X
2. in SensorNames class:
add TYPE_X
add code for the new sensor in getSensorName, getSensorInteger, getNumSensorValues
3. if it is a new sensor in android api:
increment SensorNames.SENSOR_MAX_BIT
increment SensorSimulatorClient.MAX_SENSOR