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This is IRIS main documentation page. Further documentations are added per-request basis. API javadoc will be included within the source distribution. It is also linked in the OpenIRIS website.


Just see the Release section of OpenIRIS project on GitHub.


Since the first release of the OpenIRIS, there have been couple of big changes. First one is the Xen-based Openflow 1.3.2 support (Xen is the home-made Openflow stack generator), Second one is the introduction of AngularJS to Periscope (Periscope is the Web-based UI of OpenIRIS), and Third one is the introduction of Loxigen as a replacement of Xen.

We think we will no longer support Xen-based 1.3.2 protocol stack in OpenIRIS.

So, the documentation is organized as follows: 'ko' is for Korean readers, 'en' is for English readers. Both documents represent the current status of the master branch. The third one is 'deprecated', which is for the old Xen-based OpenIRIS.

  1. Getting Started

    1. Download ( ko | en )
    2. Installation ( ko | en | deprecated )
    3. Tutorial 0. Installing Mininet ( ko | en )
      1. Creating network topology with mininet ( ko | en )
      2. Basic Openflow-based network failover ( ko | en )
      3. Built-in Firewall usage ( ko | en )
      4. Using StaticFlowEntryManager ( ko | en )
  2. Programming Guide 2. Controller Programming Guide ( ko | en | deprecated ) 3. Module Programming Guide ( ko | en | deprecated ) 4. REST API Programming Guide ( ko | en ) 5. MongoDB Programming Guide ( ko | en ) 6. OpenIRIS REST API list ( ko | en ) 7. How to define Vendor-specific Messages ( ko | en )

  3. IRIS UI

    1. IRIS UI Programming ( ko | en | deprecated )
  4. Demos

    1. OFMNetFailover module demo

    1. How to migrate the ongoing OpenIRIS-based projects to the latest version of OpenIRIS?
    2. What does each bundled controller instance do?
  6. FAQ (~25/Feb/2014)

    1. Why device manager save devices which have no attachment points?
    2. [Firewall module drops every new flow since a flow is dropped by a firewall rule] (
    3. Why IRIS CPU usage is high for idle connections to switches?
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