The OpenITG Project Code - an open-source rhythm dancing game based on StepMania 3.95
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An open-source rhythm dancing game which is a fork of StepMania 3.95 with the goal of adding arcade-like ITG-style behavior and serving as a drop-in replacement for the ITG binary on arcade cabinents.



  1. Getting Started Guide - build and development
  2. self-contained cache-rebuilding solution
  3. OpenGL Driver uses fix function pipeline rather than shader


  1. StepMania 4.0 LUA Bindings
  2. StepMania 4.0 Theme metrics

How to check-out the source

git clone

How to contribute

  1. Create an account at
  2. Goto
  3. Click "fork"
  4. git clone<username>/openitg.git
  5. Edit files...
  6. git add <filename> for every file you add or edit
  7. git commit # now your change is committed locally
  8. git push # now your change is pushed to your github
  9. From, click "pull request". Base branch is the branch you want to put your changes on, and head branch is the branch you made your changes to already.
  10. Write a short description of your change. Be sure to include the goal, any bugs fixed, features added, etc, and any credit you wish to have. Click "send pull request".

How to build for arcade

  1. Choose a location for your chroot: MY_CHROOT=/home/cmyers/chroot
  2. Install debootstrap and chroot (on debian/ubuntu, apt-get install chroot debootstrap)
  3. Set up chroot, from root dir of source, as the root user, run: ./ `pwd` $MY_CHROOT
  4. cd /root/openitg-dev/ && ./

NOTE: the chroot will be created in the location you choose for MY_CHROOT. This will build an entire Debian Sarge Linux system (the same OS used by arcade machines). This will take approximately 350MB. A full clone of the repo is about 300MB after you build all artifacts, so expect to have at least 650MB of free space to work with.

How to build for home on 32-bit linux:

TODO: No chroot necessary, need script to install dependencies on various distributions...

How to build for home on 64-bit Ubuntu:

# Install required dependencies
sudo apt install git build-essential autoconf automake \
libgl1-mesa-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libpng12-dev \
libjpeg62-dev liblua5.1-0-dev libvorbis-dev libmad0-dev \
libusb-dev libxrandr-dev libavcodec-dev libswscale-dev \
libavformat-dev libasound2-dev libavutil-dev

# Clone the software
git clone

# Change to the OpenITG directory
cd openitg

# Build OpenITG

How to build for home on windows:

  1. Open visual studio (2010, 2013, and 2015 have been tested)
  2. Select "File -> Open Project" and pick src\Stepmania-net2010.sln
  3. 5 Projects will load in the solution explorer. Right click each and select properties.
  4. For each of the project properties, under the configurations drop-down, select "All Configurations" and under Configuration "Options->General" select the appropriate platform toolset for your VS Version.
  5. If you use Visual Studio 2013, depending on your edition of it, there is a bug, you will need to add the /FS flag to Additional Options under "C/C++ -> Command Line", or you can simply build twice the first time you build.
  6. To compile the release, select the appropriate profile (usually the SSE2 build), then select "Build -> Rebuild Solution".