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/* Copyright 1990-2011, Jsoftware Inc. All rights reserved. */
/* License in license.txt. */
/* */
/* Interpreter Utilities */
#include "j.h"
#if SY_64
I jtmult(J jt,I x,I y){B neg;I a,b,c,p,q,qs,r,s,z;static I m=0x00000000ffffffff;
if(!x||!y)R 0;
if(0>x){x=-x; ASSERT(0<x,EVLIMIT);} p=m&(x>>32); q=m&x;
if(0>y){y=-y; ASSERT(0<y,EVLIMIT);} r=m&(y>>32); s=m&y;
a=p*s+q*r; qs=q*s; b=m&(qs>>32); c=m&qs;
R neg?-z:z;
I jtprod(J jt,I n,I*v){I*u,z;
if(1>n)R 1;
u=v; DO(n, if(!*u++)R 0;);
z=*v++; DO(n-1, z=mult(z,*v++););
R z;
I jtmult(J jt,I x,I y){D z=x*(D)y; ASSERT(z<=IMAX,EVLIMIT); R(I)z;}
I jtprod(J jt,I n,I*v){D z=1; DO(n, z*=(D)v[i];); ASSERT(z<=IMAX,EVLIMIT); R(I)z;}
#if SY_64 && SY_WIN32
#pragma message("!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Win64 bug workaround")
D jfloor1(D x){D y;
if(-2.0e9<=x&&x<=2.0e9)R floor(x);
if(x<-4.51e15||4.51e15<x)R x;
y=x; *((I*)&y)&=0xffffffffff000000;
R y+floor(x-y);
} /* workaround for Windows 64 bit bug */
B all0(A w){RZ(w); R !memchr(AV(w),C1,AN(w));}
B all1(A w){RZ(w); R !memchr(AV(w),C0,AN(w));}
I jtaii(J jt,A w){I m=IC(w); R m&&!(SPARSE&AT(w))?AN(w)/m:prod(AR(w)-1,1+AS(w));}
A jtapv(J jt,I n,I b,I m){A z;I j=b-m,p=b+m*(n-1),*x;
GA(z,INT,n,1,0); x=AV(z);
case 0: DO(n, *x++=b;); break;
case -1: while(j!=p)*x++=--j; break;
case 1: while(j!=p)*x++=++j; break;
default: while(j!=p)*x++=j+=m;
R z;
} /* b+m*i.n */
B jtb0(J jt,A w){RZ(w); ASSERT(!AR(w),EVRANK); if(!(B01&AT(w)))RZ(w=cvt(B01,w)); R*BAV(w);}
B*jtbfi(J jt,I n,A w,B p){A t;B*b;I*v;
GA(t,B01,n,1,0); b=BAV(t);
memset(b,!p,n); v=AV(w); DO(AN(w), b[v[i]]=p;);
R b;
} /* boolean mask from integers: p=(i.n)e.w */
I bp(I t){
case B01: R sizeof(B);
case LIT: case ASGN: case NAME:
R sizeof(C);
case C2T: R sizeof(C2);
case INT: case LPAR: case RPAR: case MARK: case SYMB:
R sizeof(I);
case FL: R sizeof(D);
case CMPX: R sizeof(Z);
case BOX: R sizeof(A);
case XNUM: R sizeof(X);
case RAT: R sizeof(Q);
case SB01: case SINT: case SFL: case SCMPX: case SLIT: case SBOX:
R sizeof(P);
case VERB: case ADV: case CONJ:
R sizeof(V);
case CONW: R sizeof(CW);
case SBT: R sizeof(SB);
#ifdef UNDER_CE
default: R t&XD?sizeof(DX):t&XZ?sizeof(ZX):-1;
case XD: R sizeof(DX);
case XZ: R sizeof(ZX);
default: R -1;
I bsum(I n,B*b){I q,z=0;UC*u;UI t,*v;
v=(UI*)b; u=(UC*)&t; q=n/(255*SZI);
#if SY_64
DO(q, t=0; DO(255, t+=*v++;); z+=u[0]+u[1]+u[2]+u[3]+u[4]+u[5]+u[6]+u[7];);
DO(q, t=0; DO(255, t+=*v++;); z+=u[0]+u[1]+u[2]+u[3];);
u=(UC*)v; DO(n-q*255*SZI, z+=*u++;);
R z;
} /* sum of boolean vector b */
C cf(A w){RZ(w); R*CAV(w);}
C cl(A w){RZ(w); R*(CAV(w)+AN(w)-1);}
I jtcoerce2(J jt,A*a,A*w,I mt){I at,at1,t,wt,wt1;
at=AT(*a); at1=AN(*a)?at:0;
wt=AT(*w); wt1=AN(*w)?wt:0; RE(t=maxtype(at1,wt1)); RE(t=maxtype(t,mt));
R t;
A jtcstr(J jt,C*s){R str((I)strlen(s),s);}
B evoke(A w){V*v=VAV(w); R CTILDE==v->id&&v->f&&NAME&AT(v->f);}
I jti0(J jt,A w){RZ(w=vi(w)); ASSERT(!AR(w),EVRANK); R*AV(w);}
A jtifb(J jt,I n,B*b){A z;I m,*zv;
if(m==n)R IX(n);
GA(z,INT,m,1,0); zv=AV(z);
#if !SY_64 && SY_WIN32
{I i,q=SZI*(n/SZI),*u=(I*)b;
case B0001: *zv++=i+3; break;
case B0010: *zv++=i+2; break;
case B0011: *zv++=i+2; *zv++=i+3; break;
case B0100: *zv++=i+1; break;
case B0101: *zv++=i+1; *zv++=i+3; break;
case B0110: *zv++=i+1; *zv++=i+2; break;
case B0111: *zv++=i+1; *zv++=i+2; *zv++=i+3; break;
case B1000: *zv++=i; break;
case B1001: *zv++=i; *zv++=i+3; break;
case B1010: *zv++=i; *zv++=i+2; break;
case B1011: *zv++=i; *zv++=i+2; *zv++=i+3; break;
case B1100: *zv++=i; *zv++=i+1; break;
case B1101: *zv++=i; *zv++=i+1; *zv++=i+3; break;
case B1110: *zv++=i; *zv++=i+1; *zv++=i+2; break;
case B1111: *zv++=i; *zv++=i+1; *zv++=i+2; *zv++=i+3;
b=(B*)u; DO(n%SZI, if(*b++)*zv++=q+i;);
DO(n, if(b[i])*zv++=i;);
R z;
} /* integer vector from boolean mask */
F1(jtii){RZ(w); R IX(IC(w));}
I jtmaxtype(J jt,I s,I t){I u;
if(!(u&SPARSE))R u&CMPX?CMPX:u&FL?FL:s<t?t:s;
R s<t?t:s;
void mvc(I m,void*z,I n,void*w){I p=n,r;static I k=sizeof(D);
MC(z,w,MIN(p,m)); while(m>p){r=m-p; MC(p+(C*)z,z,MIN(p,r)); p+=p;}
/* // faster but on some compilers runs afoul of things that look like NaNs
// exponent bytes are silently changed by one bit
void mvc(I m,void*z,I n,void*w){I p=n,r;static I k=sizeof(D);
if(m<k||k<n||(I)z%k){MC(z,w,MIN(p,m)); while(m>p){r=m-p; MC(p+(C*)z,z,MIN(p,r)); p+=p;}}
else{C*e,*s;D d[7],d0,*v;
p=0==k%n?8:6==n?24:n*k; // p=lcm(k,n)
e=(C*)d; s=w; DO(p, *e++=s[i%n];);
v=(D*)z; d0=*d;
case 8: DO(m/p, *v++=d0;); break;
case 24: DO(m/p, *v++=d0; *v++=d[1]; *v++=d[2];); break;
case 40: DO(m/p, *v++=d0; *v++=d[1]; *v++=d[2]; *v++=d[3]; *v++=d[4];); break;
case 56: DO(m/p, *v++=d0; *v++=d[1]; *v++=d[2]; *v++=d[3]; *v++=d[4]; *v++=d[5]; *v++=d[6];);
if(r=m%p){s=(C*)v; e=(C*)d; DO(r, *s++=e[i];);}
A jtodom(J jt,I r,I n,I*s){A q,z;I j,k,m,*u,*zv;
RE(m=prod(n,s)); k=n*SZI;
GA(z,INT,m*n,2==r?2:n,s); zv=AV(z)-n;
if(2==r){u=AS(z); u[0]=m; u[1]=n;}
if(!(m&&n))R z;
if(1==n)DO(m, *++zv=i;)
GA(q,INT,n,1,0); u=AV(q); memset(u,C0,k); u[n-1]=-1;
DO(m, ++u[j=n-1]; DO(n, if(u[j]<s[j])break; u[j]=0; ++u[--j];); MC(zv+=n,u,k););
R z;
A jtsc(J jt,I k) {A z; GA(z,INT, 1,0,0); *IAV(z)=k; R z;}
A jtsc4(J jt,I t,I v){A z; GA(z,t, 1,0,0); *IAV(z)=v; R z;}
A jtscb(J jt,B b) {A z; GA(z,B01, 1,0,0); *BAV(z)=b; R z;}
A jtscc(J jt,C c) {A z; GA(z,LIT, 1,0,0); *CAV(z)=c; R z;}
A jtscf(J jt,D x) {A z; GA(z,FL, 1,0,0); *DAV(z)=x; R z;}
A jtscx(J jt,X x) {A z; GA(z,XNUM,1,0,0); *XAV(z)=ca(x); R z;}
A jtstr(J jt,I n,C*s){A z; GA(z,LIT,n,1,0); MC(AV(z),s,n); R z;}
F1(jtstr0){A z;C*x;I n; RZ(w); n=AN(w); GA(z,LIT,1+n,1,0); x=CAV(z); MC(x,AV(w),n); x[n]=0; R z;}
A jtv2(J jt,I a,I b){A z;I*x; GA(z,INT,2,1,0); x=AV(z); *x++=a; *x=b; R z;}
A jtvci(J jt,I k){A z; GA(z,INT,1,1,0); *IAV(z)=k; R z;}
A jtvec(J jt,I t,I n,void*v){A z; GA(z,t,n,1,0); MC(AV(z),v,n*bp(t)); R z;}
F1(jtvi){RZ(w); R INT&AT(w)?w:cvt(INT,w);}
F1(jtvib){A z;D d,e,*wv;I i,n,*old,p=-IMAX,q=IMAX,*zv;
old=jt->rank; jt->rank=0;
case INT: z=w; break;
case B01: z=cvt(INT,w); break;
case XNUM:
case RAT: z=cvt(INT,maximum(sc(p),minimum(sc(q),w))); break;
n=AN(w); wv=DAV(w);
GA(z,INT,n,AR(w),AS(w)); zv=AV(z);
d=wv[i]; e=jfloor(d);
if (d==inf ) zv[i]=q;
else if(d==infm) zv[i]=p;
else if( FEQ(d,e))zv[i]=d<p?p:q<d?q:(I)e;
else if(++e,FEQ(d,e))zv[i]=d<p?p:q<d?q:(I)e;
jt->rank=old; R z;
F1(jtvip){I*v; RZ(w); if(!(INT&AT(w)))RZ(w=cvt(INT,w)); v=AV(w); DO(AN(w), ASSERT(0<=*v++,EVDOMAIN);); R w;}
F1(jtvs){RZ(w); ASSERT(1>=AR(w),EVRANK); R LIT&AT(w)?w:cvt(LIT,w);}
/* verify string */
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