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Spree Travel is an extension for rails e-commerce platform spree.The goal of Spree Travel is to provide spree with the essential functionalities to behave as a travel agency management platform. Meaning that this extension will add new models, behaviors, views, etc… to spree, and will modify some of the definitions it holds. Spree Travel consists in a group of gems that modularizes all the behaviors intended to create with the extension:

###Important Note The Spree Travel project is a work in progress, and will suffer major changes. Please use it and keep a live feedback with the team by opening a GitHub issue.


Rails and Spree

Spree Travel now requires Rails version >= 4.0 and a Spree version >=2.4.


Spree Travel is not yet distributed as a gem, so it should be used in your app with a git reference or you can download the source and build the gem on your own.

  1. Add the following to your Gemfile
  gem 'spree_travel’, :git => '', :branch => '2-4-stable'
  1. Run bundle install

  2. To copy and apply migrations and features of all the gems on the package run:

rails g spree_travel:install

If you wish to install some independent and not all of them features run it with the attribute --with_libs wich is an array holding the libraries that will be installed, the options are [hotel, flight].


  • Encapsultes the behavior of the spree_travel pack to extend spree into a travel agency manager site.

Future Work


If you'd like to contribute a feature or bugfix: Thanks! To make sure your fix/feature has a high chance of being included, please read the following guidelines:

  1. Post a pull request.
  2. Or open a GitHub issue.


Copyright © 2013 OpenJAF, released under the New BSD License.