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Slide 1

  • Hey everyone
  • I'm John Karahalis
  • You can reach me at my website
  • I manage the Mozilla Dev Derby and want to talk a little about it
  • First, let's take a look
  • [pull it up]

Slide 2

  • So What is the Dev Derby
  • Monthly web development contest
  • Highlight a different technology every month
    • To compete in a contest, your demo needs to use the technology of that month
    • This month: [gold topic]
    • After that: [silver topic]
    • And finally: [bronze topic]
  • We announce the winners on Hacks
    • Within about a month
    • If you don't know about Hacks, you should
    • Our blog for web developers
  • Advocate for the open web
    • Has anyone heard of Chrome Experiments?
    • Site similar to the Derby
    • Gives developers a chance to show the world what they can do with Chrome
    • Dev Derby is a response to that
      • You don't need Chrome to have amazing experiences on the web
      • Think about mobile
        • You don't need to learn how to write Android apps to create real native-like experiences
        • You don't need to learn how to write iOS apps to create real native-like experiences
        • You don't need to learn Java to make use of a mobile phone's camera
        • You don't need to learn Objective C to build apps that are sensitive to orientation
        • You can do all those amazing things with just the web -- HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • And as I said, this is about the web, not just Firefox.
    • Most demos submitted work in multiple browsers, and we think that's great.

Slide 3

  • Some examples!
  • SnappyTree was a recent winner
    • Incredibly powerful. Real 3D design on the web.
    • You can even export the trees you create for desktop applications
    • A little addicting. Who knew.
  • The Face Builder
    • Fun little game
    • On mobile, supports touch to move the pieces around
    • Even supports multitouch to change the angle of the pieces. Remember -- this is just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript!
  • HTML5 Audio Read-Along
    • Really interesting. Simple but powerful.
    • Supports skipping
    • Supports clicking on words
    • You can imagine some real world applications here
  • HTML5 Trombone
    • A trombone that you play by resizing the browser window
    • By the way, check out Responsive Design View
    • You can even play real songs on it!
  • Santa's Media Queries
    • [demo it]
    • One of my favorites. Why?
    • Awesome demo. Really creative. Only 71 lines of code.
    • You don't really need to do much to do something really, really creative

Slide 4

  • But it's only for experts, right?

Slide 5

  • Wrong!

Slide 6

  • Many winners tell me they knew nothing about the monthly topic before starting
  • Six out of eight of the most recent winners -- 75% -- had never competed in the Derby before
  • We always have a beginner-friendly introduction on the Derby homepage
    • If you would like more background than what we provide, no problem
    • Just grab me today or contact me via email -- again, that's on my site

Slide 7

  • Why participate?

Slide 8

  • Prizes!

Slide 9

  • First place wins a Samsung Galaxy S III
    • One of the best phones on the market right now
  • Second place wins a Rickshaw laptop bag
    • Probably the best laptop bags you can buy
    • Really, really solid
  • Third place wins this awesome Dev Derby t-shirt
  • Woo prizes!

Slide 10

  • BUT!

Slide 11

  • Nobody cares about the prizes
  • What follows are actual, verbatim quotes from Dev Derby contributors after they won.

Slide 12

  • [Read]

Slide 13

  • Another one, after I mentioned the prize to our first place winner
  • [Read]

Slide 14

  • So why do these people participate if they don't know what the prizes are
  • From my discussions with winners, three things
  • Education
    • The Dev Derby is a great way to learn about new technologies.
    • A monthly challenge that you can rise up to!
    • If you participated in every Derby -- one demo per month...
      • You will improve your skills in ways you couldn't even imagine
      • Your resume will be incredibly strong
      • You will be a much better web developer, and it will be fun.
      • I really mean that.
  • Pushing the web forward
    • Show the world that we can build things that
      • Work anywhere
      • On any device
      • Still provide amazing, native-like experiences
  • Finally, exposure
    • Many of our contributors -- not always winners -- have become famous for their work
    • Here's one from reddit
    • Another demo became really popular on Hacker News
    • And this guy's library -- he created a demo using it -- got over a thousand followers on GitHub
    • Mozilla Hacks. I always do an interview with the winner.
    • At least two (that I know of) employees went on to get a job with Mozilla
      • And at least one other person I know interviewed
    • And that's just a couple of examples
  • And we do have the real prizes, if you care about stuff like that
  • So plenty of reasons to be excited

Slide 15

  • Rules
  • Contest ends on the last day of the month
  • Groups and Mozilla employees are not eligible.
    • Probably nobody here is an employee
    • Groups
      • That doesn't mean don't talk
      • It doesn't mean don't share ideas
      • If a group can claim ownership, submit to Demo Studio instead
        • Same thing, same benefits, just no prizes
    • Just about giving everyone an even playing field for the purpose of the contest

Slide 16

  • So that's it... that's all I've got.
  • Any questions?

Slide 17

  • Alright, thanks and have fun!