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8276932: G1: Annotate methods with override explicitly in g1Collected…

Reviewed-by: tschatzl, sjohanss
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albertnetymk committed Nov 15, 2021
1 parent fdcd16a commit 02f79008828b3dcce3bd6492efaa43e99376c0c5
Showing 1 changed file with 52 additions and 52 deletions.
@@ -100,21 +100,21 @@ class G1STWIsAliveClosure : public BoolObjectClosure {
G1CollectedHeap* _g1h;
G1STWIsAliveClosure(G1CollectedHeap* g1h) : _g1h(g1h) {}
bool do_object_b(oop p);
bool do_object_b(oop p) override;

class G1STWSubjectToDiscoveryClosure : public BoolObjectClosure {
G1CollectedHeap* _g1h;
G1STWSubjectToDiscoveryClosure(G1CollectedHeap* g1h) : _g1h(g1h) {}
bool do_object_b(oop p);
bool do_object_b(oop p) override;

class G1RegionMappingChangedListener : public G1MappingChangedListener {
void reset_from_card_cache(uint start_idx, size_t num_regions);
virtual void on_commit(uint start_idx, size_t num_regions, bool zero_filled);
void on_commit(uint start_idx, size_t num_regions, bool zero_filled) override;

class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
@@ -235,7 +235,7 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
// roots or the young generation.
class HumongousReclaimCandidates : public G1BiasedMappedArray<bool> {
bool default_value() const { return false; }
bool default_value() const override { return false; }
void clear() { G1BiasedMappedArray<bool>::clear(); }
void set_candidate(uint region, bool value) {
@@ -306,7 +306,7 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
size_t size,
size_t translation_factor);

void trace_heap(GCWhen::Type when, const GCTracer* tracer);
void trace_heap(GCWhen::Type when, const GCTracer* tracer) override;

// These are macros so that, if the assert fires, we get the correct
// line number, file, etc.
@@ -439,12 +439,12 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
// humongous allocation requests should go to mem_allocate() which
// will satisfy them with a special path.

virtual HeapWord* allocate_new_tlab(size_t min_size,
size_t requested_size,
size_t* actual_size);
HeapWord* allocate_new_tlab(size_t min_size,
size_t requested_size,
size_t* actual_size) override;

virtual HeapWord* mem_allocate(size_t word_size,
bool* gc_overhead_limit_was_exceeded);
HeapWord* mem_allocate(size_t word_size,
bool* gc_overhead_limit_was_exceeded) override;

// First-level mutator allocation attempt: try to allocate out of
// the mutator alloc region without taking the Heap_lock. This
@@ -495,7 +495,7 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
bool do_maximum_compaction);

// Callback from VM_G1CollectFull operation, or collect_as_vm_thread.
virtual void do_full_collection(bool clear_all_soft_refs);
void do_full_collection(bool clear_all_soft_refs) override;

// Helper to do a full collection that clears soft references.
bool upgrade_to_full_collection();
@@ -891,26 +891,26 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
// Initialize the G1CollectedHeap to have the initial and
// maximum sizes and remembered and barrier sets
// specified by the policy object.
jint initialize();
jint initialize() override;

// Returns whether concurrent mark threads (and the VM) are about to terminate.
bool concurrent_mark_is_terminating() const;

virtual void stop();
virtual void safepoint_synchronize_begin();
virtual void safepoint_synchronize_end();
void stop() override;
void safepoint_synchronize_begin() override;
void safepoint_synchronize_end() override;

// Does operations required after initialization has been done.
void post_initialize();
void post_initialize() override;

// Initialize weak reference processing.
void ref_processing_init();

virtual Name kind() const {
Name kind() const override {
return CollectedHeap::G1;

virtual const char* name() const {
const char* name() const override {
return "G1";

@@ -927,14 +927,14 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
const G1CollectionSet* collection_set() const { return &_collection_set; }
G1CollectionSet* collection_set() { return &_collection_set; }

virtual SoftRefPolicy* soft_ref_policy();
SoftRefPolicy* soft_ref_policy() override;

virtual void initialize_serviceability();
virtual MemoryUsage memory_usage();
virtual GrowableArray<GCMemoryManager*> memory_managers();
virtual GrowableArray<MemoryPool*> memory_pools();
void initialize_serviceability() override;
MemoryUsage memory_usage() override;
GrowableArray<GCMemoryManager*> memory_managers() override;
GrowableArray<MemoryPool*> memory_pools() override;

virtual void fill_with_dummy_object(HeapWord* start, HeapWord* end, bool zap);
void fill_with_dummy_object(HeapWord* start, HeapWord* end, bool zap) override;

// Try to minimize the remembered set.
void scrub_rem_set();
@@ -958,8 +958,8 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {

size_t unused_committed_regions_in_bytes() const;

virtual size_t capacity() const;
virtual size_t used() const;
size_t capacity() const override;
size_t used() const override;
// This should be called when we're not holding the heap lock. The
// result might be a bit inaccurate.
size_t used_unlocked() const;
@@ -971,7 +971,7 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
// end fields defining the extent of the contiguous allocation region.)
// But G1CollectedHeap doesn't yet support this.

virtual bool is_maximal_no_gc() const {
bool is_maximal_no_gc() const override {
return _hrm.available() == 0;

@@ -1026,7 +1026,7 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
// Perform a collection of the heap; intended for use in implementing
// "System.gc". This probably implies as full a collection as the
// "CollectedHeap" supports.
virtual void collect(GCCause::Cause cause);
void collect(GCCause::Cause cause) override;

// Perform a collection of the heap with the given cause.
// Returns whether this collection actually executed.
@@ -1040,7 +1040,7 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
void prepend_to_freelist(FreeRegionList* list);
void decrement_summary_bytes(size_t bytes);

virtual bool is_in(const void* p) const;
bool is_in(const void* p) const override;

// Return "TRUE" iff the given object address is within the collection
// set. Assumes that the reference points into the heap.
@@ -1080,12 +1080,12 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
void object_iterate_parallel(ObjectClosure* cl, uint worker_id, HeapRegionClaimer* claimer);

// Iterate over all objects, calling "cl.do_object" on each.
virtual void object_iterate(ObjectClosure* cl);
void object_iterate(ObjectClosure* cl) override;

virtual ParallelObjectIterator* parallel_object_iterator(uint thread_num);
ParallelObjectIterator* parallel_object_iterator(uint thread_num) override;

// Keep alive an object that was loaded with AS_NO_KEEPALIVE.
virtual void keep_alive(oop obj);
void keep_alive(oop obj) override;

// Iterate over heap regions, in address order, terminating the
// iteration early if the "do_heap_region" method returns "true".
@@ -1176,10 +1176,10 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
// Section on thread-local allocation buffers (TLABs)
// See CollectedHeap for semantics.

size_t tlab_capacity(Thread* ignored) const;
size_t tlab_used(Thread* ignored) const;
size_t max_tlab_size() const;
size_t unsafe_max_tlab_alloc(Thread* ignored) const;
size_t tlab_capacity(Thread* ignored) const override;
size_t tlab_used(Thread* ignored) const override;
size_t max_tlab_size() const override;
size_t unsafe_max_tlab_alloc(Thread* ignored) const override;

inline bool is_in_young(const oop obj);

@@ -1203,7 +1203,7 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
static size_t humongous_obj_size_in_regions(size_t word_size);

// Print the maximum heap capacity.
virtual size_t max_capacity() const;
size_t max_capacity() const override;

Tickspan time_since_last_collection() const { return Ticks::now() - _collection_pause_end; }

@@ -1266,16 +1266,16 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
// Optimized nmethod scanning support routines

// Register the given nmethod with the G1 heap.
virtual void register_nmethod(nmethod* nm);
void register_nmethod(nmethod* nm) override;

// Unregister the given nmethod from the G1 heap.
virtual void unregister_nmethod(nmethod* nm);
void unregister_nmethod(nmethod* nm) override;

// No nmethod flushing needed.
virtual void flush_nmethod(nmethod* nm) {}
void flush_nmethod(nmethod* nm) override {}

// No nmethod verification implemented.
virtual void verify_nmethod(nmethod* nm) {}
void verify_nmethod(nmethod* nm) override {}

// Recalculate amount of used memory after GC. Must be called after all allocation
// has finished.
@@ -1297,7 +1297,7 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
// Verification

// Perform any cleanup actions necessary before allowing a verification.
virtual void prepare_for_verify();
void prepare_for_verify() override;

// Perform verification.

@@ -1314,14 +1314,14 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
// Currently there is only one place where this is called with
// vo == UseFullMarking, which is to verify the marking during a
// full GC.
void verify(VerifyOption vo);
void verify(VerifyOption vo) override;

// WhiteBox testing support.
virtual bool supports_concurrent_gc_breakpoints() const;
bool supports_concurrent_gc_breakpoints() const override;

virtual WorkerThreads* safepoint_workers() { return _workers; }
WorkerThreads* safepoint_workers() override { return _workers; }

virtual bool is_archived_object(oop object) const;
bool is_archived_object(oop object) const override;

// The methods below are here for convenience and dispatch the
// appropriate method depending on value of the given VerifyOption
@@ -1344,21 +1344,21 @@ class G1CollectedHeap : public CollectedHeap {
void print_regions_on(outputStream* st) const;

virtual void print_on(outputStream* st) const;
virtual void print_extended_on(outputStream* st) const;
virtual void print_on_error(outputStream* st) const;
void print_on(outputStream* st) const override;
void print_extended_on(outputStream* st) const override;
void print_on_error(outputStream* st) const override;

virtual void gc_threads_do(ThreadClosure* tc) const;
void gc_threads_do(ThreadClosure* tc) const override;

// Override
void print_tracing_info() const;
void print_tracing_info() const override;

// The following two methods are helpful for debugging RSet issues.
void print_cset_rsets() PRODUCT_RETURN;
void print_all_rsets() PRODUCT_RETURN;

// Used to print information about locations in the hs_err file.
virtual bool print_location(outputStream* st, void* addr) const;
bool print_location(outputStream* st, void* addr) const override;

// Scoped object that performs common pre- and post-gc heap printing operations.

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