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8294712: G1: Use index-base iteration for G1FlushHumongousCandidateRe…
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Reviewed-by: kbarrett, iwalulya
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albertnetymk committed Oct 4, 2022
1 parent b850f05 commit 085949a
Showing 1 changed file with 9 additions and 5 deletions.
14 changes: 9 additions & 5 deletions src/hotspot/share/gc/g1/g1RemSet.cpp
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Expand Up @@ -1308,18 +1308,22 @@ class G1MergeHeapRootsTask : public WorkerTask {

// Visitor for the remembered sets of humongous candidate regions to merge their
// remembered set into the card table.
class G1FlushHumongousCandidateRemSets : public HeapRegionClosure {
class G1FlushHumongousCandidateRemSets : public HeapRegionIndexClosure {
G1RemSetScanState* _scan_state;
G1MergeCardSetStats _merge_stats;

G1FlushHumongousCandidateRemSets(G1RemSetScanState* scan_state) : _scan_state(scan_state), _merge_stats() { }

virtual bool do_heap_region(HeapRegion* r) {
bool do_heap_region_index(uint region_index) override {
G1CollectedHeap* g1h = G1CollectedHeap::heap();

if (!g1h->region_attr(r->hrm_index()).is_humongous_candidate() ||
r->rem_set()->is_empty()) {
if (!g1h->region_attr(region_index).is_humongous_candidate()) {
return false;

HeapRegion* r = g1h->region_at(region_index);
if (r->rem_set()->is_empty()) {
return false;

Expand All @@ -1343,7 +1347,7 @@ class G1MergeHeapRootsTask : public WorkerTask {
// reclaimed.
#ifdef ASSERT
G1HeapRegionAttr region_attr = g1h->region_attr(r->hrm_index());
G1HeapRegionAttr region_attr = g1h->region_attr(region_index);
assert(region_attr.remset_is_tracked(), "must be");
assert(r->rem_set()->is_empty(), "At this point any humongous candidate remembered set must be empty.");
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