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8259475: Fix bad merge in compilerOracle
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Reviewed-by: redestad, thartmann
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shipilev committed Jan 11, 2021
1 parent b72de3c commit 2806bf2
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Showing 2 changed files with 0 additions and 17 deletions.
13 changes: 0 additions & 13 deletions src/hotspot/share/compiler/compilerOracle.cpp
Expand Up @@ -410,19 +410,6 @@ bool CompilerOracle::should_break_at(const methodHandle& method) {
return check_predicate(CompileCommand::Break, method);

bool CompilerOracle::should_blackhole(const methodHandle& method) {
if (!check_predicate(CompileCommand::Blackhole, method)) {
return false;
guarantee(UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions, "Checked during initial parsing");
if (method->result_type() != T_VOID) {
warning("Blackhole compile option only works for methods with void type: %s",
return false;
return true;

static enum CompileCommand match_option_name(const char* line, int* bytes_read, char* errorbuf, int bufsize) {
assert(ARRAY_SIZE(option_names) == static_cast<int>(CompileCommand::Count), "option_names size mismatch");

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4 changes: 0 additions & 4 deletions src/hotspot/share/compiler/compilerOracle.hpp
Expand Up @@ -51,7 +51,6 @@ class methodHandle;
option(Print, "print", Bool) \
option(Inline, "inline", Bool) \
option(DontInline, "dontinline", Bool) \
option(Blackhole, "blackhole", Bool) \
option(CompileOnly, "compileonly", Bool)\
option(Exclude, "exclude", Bool) \
option(Break, "break", Bool) \
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -142,9 +141,6 @@ class CompilerOracle : AllStatic {
// Tells whether to break when compiling method
static bool should_break_at(const methodHandle& method);

// Tells whether to blackhole when compiling method
static bool should_blackhole(const methodHandle& method);

// Tells whether there are any methods to print for print_method_statistics()
static bool should_print_methods();

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