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8249783: Simplify DerValue and DerInputStream
Reviewed-by: valeriep
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wangweij committed Oct 1, 2020
1 parent 9230c2a commit 3c4e824
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Showing 8 changed files with 833 additions and 1,467 deletions.
Expand Up @@ -372,19 +372,18 @@ byte[] convertBytes(byte[] indefData) throws IOException {
* This may block.
* @param in the input stream with tag and lenByte already read
* @param lenByte the length of the length field to remember
* @param tag the tag to remember
* @return a DER byte array
* @throws IOException if not all indef len BER
* can be resolved or another I/O error happens
public static byte[] convertStream(InputStream in, byte lenByte, byte tag)
public static byte[] convertStream(InputStream in, byte tag)
throws IOException {
int offset = 2; // for tag and length bytes
int readLen = in.available();
byte[] indefData = new byte[readLen + offset];
indefData[0] = tag;
indefData[1] = lenByte;
indefData[1] = (byte)0x80;
while (true) {
int bytesRead = in.readNBytes(indefData, offset, readLen);
if (bytesRead != readLen) {
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