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8297030: Reduce Default Keep-Alive Timeout Value for httpclient
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Reviewed-by: dfuchs, michaelm, jpai
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c-cleary committed Nov 29, 2022
1 parent 1301fb0 commit 42b60ed
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
Expand Up @@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ final class HttpClientImpl extends HttpClient implements Trackable {
final Logger debugtimeout = Utils.getDebugLogger(this::dbgString, DEBUGTIMEOUT);
static final AtomicLong CLIENT_IDS = new AtomicLong();
private final AtomicLong CONNECTION_IDS = new AtomicLong();
static final int DEFAULT_KEEP_ALIVE_TIMEOUT = 1200;
static final int DEFAULT_KEEP_ALIVE_TIMEOUT = 30;
static final long KEEP_ALIVE_TIMEOUT = getTimeoutProp("jdk.httpclient.keepalive.timeout", DEFAULT_KEEP_ALIVE_TIMEOUT);
// Defaults to value used for HTTP/1 Keep-Alive Timeout. Can be overridden by jdk.httpclient.keepalive.timeout.h2 property.
static final long IDLE_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT = getTimeoutProp("jdk.httpclient.keepalive.timeout.h2", KEEP_ALIVE_TIMEOUT);
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