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8280976: Incorrect encoding of avx512 vpsraq instruction with mask an…
…d constant shift.

Reviewed-by: neliasso, thartmann
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Jatin Bhateja committed Feb 2, 2022
1 parent 97af323 commit 48a32b5f3aa1b238bc9857002325579a5b041685
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
@@ -9301,7 +9301,7 @@ void Assembler::evpsraq(XMMRegister dst, KRegister mask, XMMRegister src, int sh
int encode = vex_prefix_and_encode(xmm4->encoding(), dst->encoding(), src->encoding(), VEX_SIMD_66, VEX_OPCODE_0F, &attributes);
emit_int24(0x73, (0xC0 | encode), shift & 0xFF);
emit_int24(0x72, (0xC0 | encode), shift & 0xFF);

void Assembler::evpsllw(XMMRegister dst, KRegister mask, XMMRegister nds, XMMRegister src, bool merge, int vector_len) {

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