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8271722: [TESTBUG] gc/g1/ can fail if G1…
… Full GC uses >1 workers

Reviewed-by: ayang, tschatzl
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reinrich committed Aug 5, 2021
1 parent ea9a595 commit 4abe5311407c68d04fb0babb87fa279e35d5fabc
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  1. +2 −0 test/hotspot/jtreg/gc/g1/
@@ -99,6 +99,8 @@ private static OutputAnalyzer testWithMixedGCLiveThresholdPercent(int percent) t
// Parallel full gc can distribute live objects into different regions.

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@openjdk-notifier openjdk-notifier bot replied Aug 5, 2021


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@reinrich reinrich replied Aug 10, 2021

/backport jdk17u


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@openjdk openjdk bot replied Aug 10, 2021

@reinrich the backport was successfully created on the branch reinrich-backport-4abe5311 in my personal fork of openjdk/jdk17u. To create a pull request with this backport targeting openjdk/jdk17u:master, just click the following link:

➡️ Create pull request

The title of the pull request is automatically filled in correctly and below you find a suggestion for the pull request body:

Hi all,

this pull request contains a backport of commit 4abe5311 from the openjdk/jdk repository.

The commit being backported was authored by Richard Reingruber on 5 Aug 2021 and was reviewed by Albert Mingkun Yang and Thomas Schatzl.


If you need to update the source branch of the pull then run the following commands in a local clone of your personal fork of openjdk/jdk17u:

$ git fetch reinrich-backport-4abe5311:reinrich-backport-4abe5311
$ git checkout reinrich-backport-4abe5311
# make changes
$ git add paths/to/changed/files
$ git commit --message 'Describe additional changes made'
$ git push reinrich-backport-4abe5311
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