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8290211: jdk/internal/vm/Continuation/ failed with "Assertio…
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…nError: Failed to compile int Fuzz.com_int(int,int) in 5000ms"

Reviewed-by: lmesnik, alanb, jiefu
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Daniel D. Daugherty committed Aug 22, 2022
1 parent 8a0c3e5 commit 54843b7
Showing 1 changed file with 2 additions and 1 deletion.
3 changes: 2 additions & 1 deletion test/jdk/jdk/internal/vm/Continuation/
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Expand Up @@ -78,7 +78,8 @@ public class Fuzz implements Runnable {
static final boolean RANDOM = true;
static final boolean VERBOSE = false;

static final int COMPILATION_TIMEOUT = 5_000; // ms
static float timeoutFactor = Float.parseFloat(System.getProperty("test.timeout.factor", "1.0"));
static final int COMPILATION_TIMEOUT = (int)(5_000 * timeoutFactor); // ms

static final Path TEST_DIR = Path.of(System.getProperty("test.src", "."));

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