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8268622: Performance issues in javac Name class
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Reviewed-by: vromero
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Archie Cobbs authored and Vicente Romero committed Oct 2, 2023
1 parent ad81abd commit 5c8366e
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Expand Up @@ -428,17 +428,18 @@ record = fromString("record");

protected Name.Table createTable(Options options) {
boolean useStringTable = options.isSet("useStringTable");
if (useStringTable)
return newStringNameTable();
boolean useUnsharedTable = options.isSet("useUnsharedTable");
if (useUnsharedTable)
return newUnsharedNameTable();
return newSharedNameTable();
boolean useSharedTable = options.isSet("useSharedTable");
if (useSharedTable)
return newSharedNameTable();
boolean internStringTable = options.isSet("internStringTable");
return newStringNameTable(internStringTable);

public StringNameTable newStringNameTable() {
return StringNameTable.create(this);
public StringNameTable newStringNameTable(boolean intern) {
return StringNameTable.create(this, intern);

public SharedNameTable newSharedNameTable() {
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Expand Up @@ -38,29 +38,31 @@
public class StringNameTable extends Name.Table {

private final HashMap<String, Name> nameMap;
private final boolean intern;

// Factory

public static StringNameTable create(Names names) {
return new StringNameTable(names);
public static StringNameTable create(Names names, boolean intern) {
return new StringNameTable(names, intern);

// Constructors

public StringNameTable(Names names) {
this(names, 0x8000);
public StringNameTable(Names names, boolean intern) {
this(names, 0x8000, intern);

public StringNameTable(Names names, int initialCapacity) {
public StringNameTable(Names names, int initialCapacity, boolean intern) {
this.nameMap = new HashMap<>(initialCapacity);
this.intern = intern;

// Name.Table

public Name fromString(String string) {
return this.nameMap.computeIfAbsent(string, s -> new NameImpl(this, s));
return this.nameMap.computeIfAbsent(string, s -> new NameImpl(this, intern ? s.intern() : s));

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