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8285962: NimbusDefaults has a typo in a L&F property
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Reviewed-by: prr
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prsadhuk committed May 20, 2022
1 parent d5d19f5 commit 6d56caf
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
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Expand Up @@ -16238,7 +16238,7 @@
<uiProperty name="tileWidth" type="INT" value="27"/>
<uiProperty name="paintOutsideClip" type="BOOLEAN" value="true"/>
<uiProperty name="rotateText" type="BOOLEAN" value="true"/>
<uiProperty name="vertictalSize" type="DIMENSION">
<uiProperty name="verticalSize" type="DIMENSION">
<dimension width="19" height="150"/>
<uiProperty name="horizontalSize" type="DIMENSION">
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