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8253869: sun/hotspot/whitebox/ fails after JDK-8239090
Reviewed-by: mikael
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Igor Veresov committed Sep 30, 2020
1 parent ca0e014 commit 79d70f6
Showing 1 changed file with 18 additions and 5 deletions.
23 changes: 18 additions & 5 deletions test/lib-test/sun/hotspot/whitebox/
Expand Up @@ -47,12 +47,25 @@ public class CPUInfoTest {

static {
if (Platform.isX86() || Platform.isX64()) {
// @formatter:off
// Checkstyle: stop
// See hotspot/cpu/x86/vm_version_x86.hpp for the list of supported features.
wellKnownCPUFeatures = Set.of(
"adx", "aes", "bmi1", "bmi2", "cmov", "cx8", "fxsr", "mmx", "clmul", "clflush", "clflushopt", "clwb",
"sha", "fma", "popcnt", "vzeroupper", "erms", "rtm", "mmxext", "3dnowpref", "lzcnt", "ht",
"tsc", "tscinvbit", "tscinv", "sse", "sse2", "sse3", "ssse3", "sse4.1", "sse4.2", "sse4a", "avx", "avx2",
"avx512f", "avx512dq", "avx512pf", "avx512er", "avx512cd", "avx512bw", "avx512vl",
"avx512_vpopcntdq", "avx512_vpclmulqdq", "avx512_vbmi2", "avx512_vaes", "avx512_vnni");
"cx8", "cmov", "fxsr", "ht",
"mmx", "3dnowpref", "sse", "sse2",
"sse3", "ssse3", "sse4a", "sse4.1",
"sse4.2", "popcnt", "lzcnt", "tsc",
"tscinvbit", "tscinv", "avx", "avx2",
"aes", "erms", "clmul", "bmi1",
"bmi2", "rtm", "adx", "avx512f",
"avx512dq", "avx512pf", "avx512er", "avx512cd",
"avx512bw", "avx512vl", "sha", "fma",
"vzeroupper", "avx512_vpopcntdq", "avx512_vpclmulqdq", "avx512_vaes",
"avx512_vnni", "clflush", "clflushopt", "clwb",
"avx512_vmbi2", "avx512_vmbi", "hv"
// @formatter:on
// Checkstyle: resume
} else {
wellKnownCPUFeatures = null;
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