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8297348: make CONF=xxx should match if xxx is an exact match
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Reviewed-by: erikj
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magicus committed Nov 21, 2022
1 parent 817e039 commit cd6a203
Showing 1 changed file with 9 additions and 0 deletions.
9 changes: 9 additions & 0 deletions make/InitSupport.gmk
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Expand Up @@ -204,6 +204,15 @@ ifeq ($(HAS_SPEC),)
# Otherwise select those that contain the given CONF string
matching_confs := $$(strip $$(foreach var, $$(all_confs), \
$$(if $$(findstring $$(CONF), $$(var)), $$(var))))
ifneq ($$(filter $$(CONF), $$(matching_confs)), )
# If we found an exact match, use that
matching_confs := $$(CONF)
# Don't repeat this output on make restarts caused by including
# generated files.
ifeq ($$(MAKE_RESTARTS),)
$$(info Using exact match for CONF=$$(CONF) (other matches are possible))
ifeq ($$(matching_confs),)
$$(info Error: No configurations found matching CONF=$$(CONF).)
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