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8298102: Remove DirtyCardToOopClosure::_last_explicit_min_done
Reviewed-by: tschatzl
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albertnetymk committed Dec 6, 2022
1 parent 04012c4 commit e975418
Showing 1 changed file with 0 additions and 3 deletions.
3 changes: 0 additions & 3 deletions src/hotspot/share/gc/shared/space.hpp
Expand Up @@ -258,7 +258,6 @@ class DirtyCardToOopClosure: public MemRegionClosureRO {
// alternatively, the lowest address that
// shouldn't be done again. NULL means infinity.)
NOT_PRODUCT(HeapWord* _last_bottom;)
NOT_PRODUCT(HeapWord* _last_explicit_min_done;)

// Get the actual top of the area on which the closure will
// operate, given where the top is assumed to be (the end of the
Expand All @@ -283,14 +282,12 @@ class DirtyCardToOopClosure: public MemRegionClosureRO {
_cl(cl), _sp(sp), _precision(precision), _boundary(boundary),
_min_done(NULL) {
NOT_PRODUCT(_last_bottom = NULL);
NOT_PRODUCT(_last_explicit_min_done = NULL);

void do_MemRegion(MemRegion mr) override;

void set_min_done(HeapWord* min_done) {
_min_done = min_done;
NOT_PRODUCT(_last_explicit_min_done = _min_done);
#ifndef PRODUCT
void set_last_bottom(HeapWord* last_bottom) {
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