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6646602: Spelling error in javadoc for javax.swing.tree.TreeModel
Reviewed-by: jdv
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prsadhuk committed Oct 1, 2020
1 parent 87276bc commit ed62b01
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* <code>TreePath</code>s for identifying nodes in the <code>TreeModel</code>.
* If a <code>TreeModel</code> returns the same object, as compared by
* <code>equals</code>, at two different indices under the same parent
* than the resulting <code>TreePath</code> objects will be considered equal
* then the resulting <code>TreePath</code> objects will be considered equal
* as well. Some implementations may assume that if two
* <code>TreePath</code>s are equal, they identify the same node. If this
* condition is not met, painting problems and other oddities may result.
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