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8286907: keytool should warn about weak PBE algorithms #12056

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@haimaychao haimaychao commented Jan 17, 2023

Please review the fix to address the problem in keytool -genseckey and -importpass.


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  • JDK-8286907: keytool should warn about weak PBE algorithms



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bridgekeeper bot commented Jan 17, 2023

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openjdk bot commented Jan 17, 2023

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mlbridge bot commented Jan 17, 2023


@@ -1837,6 +1837,15 @@ private void doGenSecretKey(String alias, String keyAlgName,
useDefaultPBEAlgorithm = false;

String[] weakAlgs = new String[] {"DES", "DESEDE", "MD5", "SHA1", "RC2", "RC4"};
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Instead of hardcoding the weak algorithms here, the security property should probably be used. We can decompose the PBE algorithm name to parts and make the comparison. For example, "PBEWithSHA1AndDESede" should only match "DESede" but not "DES".

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openjdk bot commented Jan 25, 2023

@haimaychao This change now passes all automated pre-integration checks.

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8286907: keytool should warn about weak PBE algorithms

Reviewed-by: mullan, weijun

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At the time when this comment was updated there had been 316 new commits pushed to the master branch:

  • ae0e76d: 8301120: Cleanup utility classes java.util.Arrays and java.util.Collections
  • b8e5abc: 8301097: Update GHA XCode to 12.5.1
  • 9c4bc2c: 8301132: Test update for deprecated sprintf in Xcode 14
  • 7f05d57: 8217920: Lookup.defineClass injects a class that can access private members of any class in its own module
  • 22c976a: 8177418: NPE is not apparent for methods in java.util.TimeZone API docs
  • 7aaf76c: 8300924: Method::invoke throws wrong exception type when passing wrong number of arguments to method with 4 or more parameters
  • 49ff520: 8300241: Replace NULL with nullptr in share/classfile/
  • f52d35c: 8300240: Replace NULL with nullptr in share/ci/
  • 5c1ec82: 8301077: Replace NULL with nullptr in share/services/
  • dff4131: 8285850: [AIX] unreachable code in basic_tools.m4 -> BASIC_CHECK_TAR
  • ... and 306 more:

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wangweij commented Jan 25, 2023

I tried using -keyalg PBEWithSHA1AndRC2_40 and removed SHA-1 from and see no warning. It looks like the disabled algorithm decomposer cannot extract "RC2" from the algorithm name. One solution is to add both "RC2_40" and "RC2_128" to the security property.

Also, since this check only looks at, shall we add other disabled algorithms here as well? Like MD2.

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Contributor Author

Yes, the issue for PBEWithSHA1AndRC2_40 when SHA-1 is removed from is because Algorithm Decomposer decomposes it to RC2_40 accordingly and Constraints map contains RC2 which is built based on Filed JDK-8301127 for this.
Filed JDK-8301130 to track adding MD2 to

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wangweij commented Jan 26, 2023

I said "one solution is to add RC2_40 and RC2_128" but now I'm not sure if it's the right solution. We can always resolve this in a separate issue, but I think we'd better have an agreement on whether the current decomposer implementation is correct about "RC2" not covering "RC2_40". If yes and one day we decide to disable AES, then we should disable all of AES_128, AES_192 and AES_256 since there are algorithm names like AES_192/OFB/NoPadding and PBEWithHmacSHA384AndAES_128. This does not sound very right to me.

Valerie is adding PBES2Core$HmacSHA512_224AndAES_256 in another PR now. In that case, SHA512 should not cover HmacSHA512_224 (although we are not likely to disable HmacSHA512 before disabling HmacSHA512_224 first). So this is a little complicated.

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seanjmullan commented Jan 26, 2023

Yeah, this is a little tricky. My feeling is that if you disable an algorithm like "RC2", it should cover all uses of it no matter what the keysize. If you only want to disable certain keysizes, then you should add a keySize constraint. We would need to make the parsing smarter so that "RC2 keySize <= 40" covers RC2_40 but not RC2_128, etc.

Hmac is another good corner case. It would be nice if we could have exceptions, like "SHA512", "!HmacSHA512". But that's a little more involved, and requires some more thought as to whether that is a good idea.

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Contributor Author

@wangweij @seanjmullan For the scenario, i.e. PBEWithSHA1AndRC2_40 after SHA1 removal, we probably could
treat RC2_40 as RC2 after decomposing. For another scenario, adding RC2 KeySize < 40, we currently have a similar test case (i.e. AES keySize < 256) in, and keytool will emit warning as a result of keysize constraint checking. The question arises is does it apply to PBEWithSHA1AndRC2_40 as well? I’d think it should if we treat RC2_40 as RC2 after decomposing. However, the PBEKey generated for PBEWithSHA1AndRC2_40 will have PBEwithMD5andDES algorithm. Algorithm constraint checking on MD5 would take place earlier than keysize constraint checking. As a result, warnings for keysize constraint will not be emitted. These are my current thoughts and more thoughts surely are needed to address JDK-8301127.
I suggest we look at the possible issues with various corner cases in algorithm decomposing and keysize constraints, etc, for PBExxx and Hmacxxx in JDK-8301127. Do you agree JDK-8301127 would serve the need?

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SecretKeyFactory.getInstance("PBE") also generates PBEwithMD5andDES keys. I believe that's because PBE is an alias of PBEwithMD5andDES. Therefore it you use this factory to generate keys for other algorithms, do not rely on the algorithm.

Anyway, we can resolve the RC2_40 and AES_128 issues in another fix. The current code change looks fine for this bug.

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Contributor Author

@seanjmullan @wangweij Thanks for the review.

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Contributor Author


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openjdk bot commented Feb 2, 2023

Going to push as commit b00b70c.
Since your change was applied there have been 418 commits pushed to the master branch:

  • ee0f5b5: 8301392: Port fdlibm log1p to Java
  • f696785: 8300869: Make use of the Double.toString(double) algorithm in java.util.Formatter
  • cf6b9eb: 8301637: ThreadLocalRandom.current().doubles().parallel() contention
  • c647ae6: 8301149: Parallel: Refactor MutableNUMASpace::update_layout
  • de57733: 8301644: com/sun/jdi/ fails after JDK-8300811
  • 930ec00: 8301636: Minor cleanup in CommentHelper and DocPretty
  • 725d57b: 8301659: Resolve initialization reordering issues on Windows for libawt and libsaproc
  • 2d50c7d: 8298979: Remove duplicated serviceability/jvmti/thread/GetAllThreads/allthr01/
  • 59b7fb1: 8300273: [IR framework] Handle message instead of bailing out
  • 5b1584b: 8298880: IR test incorrectly use avx3 instead of avx512
  • ... and 408 more:

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openjdk bot commented Feb 2, 2023

@haimaychao Pushed as commit b00b70c.

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