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8264513: Cleanup CardTableBarrierSetC2::post_barrier #3285

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Just for now

@@ -58,22 +58,18 @@ void CardTableBarrierSetC2::post_barrier(GraphKit* kit,
Node* val,
BasicType bt,
bool use_precise) const {
// No store check needed if we're storing a NULL or an old object
// (latter case is probably a string constant). The concurrent
// mark sweep garbage collector, however, needs to have all nonNull
// oop updates flagged via card-marks.
// No store check needed if we're storing a NULL.
if (val != NULL && val->is_Con()) {
// must be either an oop or NULL
const Type* t = val->bottom_type();
if (t == TypePtr::NULL_PTR || t == Type::TOP)
// stores of null never (?) need barriers
if (t == TypePtr::NULL_PTR || t == Type::TOP) {

if (use_ReduceInitialCardMarks()
&& obj == kit->just_allocated_object(kit->control())) {
// We can skip marks on a freshly-allocated object in Eden.
// Keep this code in sync with new_deferred_store_barrier() in runtime.cpp.
// Keep this code in sync with CardTableBarrierSet::on_slowpath_allocation_exit.
// That routine informs GC to take appropriate compensating steps,
// upon a slow-path allocation, so as to make this card-mark
// elision safe.
@@ -83,8 +79,10 @@ void CardTableBarrierSetC2::post_barrier(GraphKit* kit,
if (!use_precise) {
// All card marks for a (non-array) instance are in one place:
adr = obj;
} else {
// Else it's an array (or unknown), and we want more precise card marks.
// (Else it's an array (or unknown), and we want more precise card marks.)

assert(adr != NULL, "");

IdealKit ideal(kit, true);
@@ -93,14 +91,16 @@ void CardTableBarrierSetC2::post_barrier(GraphKit* kit,
Node* cast = __ CastPX(__ ctrl(), adr);

// Divide by card size
Node* card_offset = __ URShiftX( cast, __ ConI(CardTable::card_shift) );
Node* card_offset = __ URShiftX(cast, __ ConI(CardTable::card_shift));

// Combine card table base and card offset
Node* card_adr = __ AddP(__ top(), byte_map_base_node(kit), card_offset );
Node* card_adr = __ AddP(__ top(), byte_map_base_node(kit), card_offset);

// Get the alias_index for raw card-mark memory
int adr_type = Compile::AliasIdxRaw;
Node* zero = __ ConI(0); // Dirty card value

// Dirty card value to store
Node* dirty = __ ConI(CardTable::dirty_card_val());

if (UseCondCardMark) {
// The classic GC reference write barrier is typically implemented
@@ -111,11 +111,11 @@ void CardTableBarrierSetC2::post_barrier(GraphKit* kit,
// stores. In theory we could relax the load from ctrl() to
// no_ctrl, but that doesn't buy much latitude.
Node* card_val = __ load( __ ctrl(), card_adr, TypeInt::BYTE, T_BYTE, adr_type);
__ if_then(card_val, BoolTest::ne, zero);
__ if_then(card_val, BoolTest::ne, dirty);

// Smash zero into card
__ store(__ ctrl(), card_adr, zero, T_BYTE, adr_type, MemNode::unordered);
// Smash dirty value into card
__ store(__ ctrl(), card_adr, dirty, T_BYTE, adr_type, MemNode::unordered);

if (UseCondCardMark) {
__ end_if();
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