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8264732: Clean up LinkResolver::vtable_index_of_interface_method() #3346

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Just for now

@@ -149,8 +149,7 @@ CallInfo::CallInfo(Method* resolved_method, Klass* resolved_klass, TRAPS) {
kind = CallInfo::vtable_call;
} else if (!resolved_klass->is_interface()) {
// A default or miranda method. Compute the vtable index.
index = LinkResolver::vtable_index_of_interface_method(resolved_klass,
index = LinkResolver::vtable_index_of_interface_method(resolved_klass, resolved_method);
assert(index >= 0 , "we should have valid vtable index at this point");

kind = CallInfo::vtable_call;
@@ -405,8 +404,7 @@ Method* LinkResolver::lookup_instance_method_in_klasses(Klass* klass,
return result;

int LinkResolver::vtable_index_of_interface_method(Klass* klass,
const methodHandle& resolved_method) {
int LinkResolver::vtable_index_of_interface_method(Klass* klass, Method* resolved_method) {

int vtable_index = Method::invalid_vtable_index;
Symbol* name = resolved_method->name();
@@ -1391,7 +1389,7 @@ void LinkResolver::runtime_resolve_virtual_method(CallInfo& result,

// do lookup based on receiver klass using the vtable index
if (resolved_method->method_holder()->is_interface()) { // default or miranda method
vtable_index = vtable_index_of_interface_method(resolved_klass, resolved_method);
vtable_index = vtable_index_of_interface_method(resolved_klass, resolved_method());
assert(vtable_index >= 0 , "we should have valid vtable index at this point");

selected_method = methodHandle(THREAD, recv_klass->method_at_vtable(vtable_index));
@@ -317,7 +317,7 @@ class LinkResolver: AllStatic {
static Method* resolve_static_call_or_null(const LinkInfo& link_info);
static Method* resolve_special_call_or_null(const LinkInfo& link_info);

static int vtable_index_of_interface_method(Klass* klass, const methodHandle& resolved_method);
static int vtable_index_of_interface_method(Klass* klass, Method* resolved_method);

// same as above for compile-time resolution; returns vtable_index if current_klass if linked
static int resolve_virtual_vtable_index (Klass* receiver_klass,
@@ -728,7 +728,7 @@ C2V_END

C2V_VMENTRY_0(jint, getVtableIndexForInterfaceMethod, (JNIEnv* env, jobject, jobject jvmci_type, jobject jvmci_method))
Klass* klass = JVMCIENV->asKlass(jvmci_type);
methodHandle method(THREAD, JVMCIENV->asMethod(jvmci_method));
Method* method = JVMCIENV->asMethod(jvmci_method);

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coleenp Apr 5, 2021

The reason that resolved_method was a methodHandle is in case of redefinition, we need to know if code is referring to this version of the method so that it's not deallocated. It's enough for one of the callers to create a methodHandle but passing the methodHandle will guarantee it. I'm not sure why you needed to make this change.

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iwanowww Apr 6, 2021
Author Outdated

I refactored getVtableIndexForInterfaceMethod and kept the handle in place while dereferencing it when passing into vtable_index_of_interface_method. Does it look better now?

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coleenp Apr 6, 2021

Ok, this is fine. Be careful if you have new callers for this function.

if (klass->is_interface()) {
JVMCI_THROW_MSG_0(InternalError, err_msg("Interface %s should be handled in Java code", klass->external_name()));
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