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8269223: -Xcheck:jni WARNINGs working with fonts on Linux #4572

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@@ -866,8 +866,11 @@ void D3DRQ_FlushBuffer(void *pParam)

if (!JNU_IsNull(env, pFlush->runnable)) {
J2dTraceLn(J2D_TRACE_VERBOSE, " executing runnable");
jboolean ignoreException;
JNU_CallMethodByName(env, &ignoreException, pFlush->runnable, "run", "()V");
jboolean hasException;
JNU_CallMethodByName(env, &hasException, pFlush->runnable, "run", "()V");
if (hasException) {
J2dTraceLn(J2D_TRACE_ERROR, " exception occurred while executing runnable");

@@ -26,7 +26,6 @@
* @bug 8269223
* @summary Verifies that -Xcheck:jni issues no warnings from freetypeScaler.c
* @library /test/lib
* @key headful
* @run main FreeTypeScalerJNICheck
import java.awt.Font;
@@ -52,15 +51,15 @@ public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

public static void runTest() {
String families[] = GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment().getAvailableFontFamilyNames();
JFrame frame = new JFrame("test");
BufferedImage bi = new BufferedImage(1, 1, BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_RGB);
Graphics2D g2d = bi.createGraphics();

for (String ff : families)
Font font = new Font(ff, Font.PLAIN, 12);
Rectangle2D bounds = font.getStringBounds("test", g2d.getFontRenderContext());
FontMetrics metrics = frame.getFontMetrics(font);
FontMetrics metrics = g2d.getFontMetrics(font);
System.out.println(bounds.getHeight() + metrics.getHeight()); // use bounds and metrics