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8277824: Remove empty RefProcSubPhasesWorkerTimeTracker destructor #6555

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@@ -101,10 +101,7 @@ RefProcWorkerTimeTracker::~RefProcWorkerTimeTracker() {
RefProcSubPhasesWorkerTimeTracker::RefProcSubPhasesWorkerTimeTracker(ReferenceProcessor::RefProcSubPhases phase,
ReferenceProcessorPhaseTimes* phase_times,
uint worker_id) :
RefProcWorkerTimeTracker(phase_times->sub_phase_worker_time_sec(phase), worker_id) {

RefProcSubPhasesWorkerTimeTracker::~RefProcSubPhasesWorkerTimeTracker() {
_tracker(phase_times->sub_phase_worker_time_sec(phase), worker_id) {

RefProcPhaseTimeBaseTracker::RefProcPhaseTimeBaseTracker(const char* title,
@@ -103,23 +103,23 @@ class ReferenceProcessorPhaseTimes : public CHeapObj<mtGC> {
void print_all_references(uint base_indent = 0, bool print_total = true) const;

class RefProcWorkerTimeTracker : public CHeapObj<mtGC> {
class RefProcWorkerTimeTracker : public StackObj {
WorkerDataArray<double>* _worker_time;
double _start_time;
uint _worker_id;
RefProcWorkerTimeTracker(WorkerDataArray<double>* worker_time, uint worker_id);
virtual ~RefProcWorkerTimeTracker();

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The usual guideline is that the destructor for a baseclass should be either
public and virtual or protected and non-virtual. This prevents destructor
slicing by delete. That the base class in question is a StackObj mitigates
against that kind of error.

And indeed, if I recall correctly, because it's now a StackObj its destructor
can't be virtual, because that would run afoul of the induced "deleting

There are some relevant warning options that I occasionally look at and
remember why I think they aren't right for us, so we can't ever enable them
(-Wdelete-non-virtual-dtor and -Wnon-virtual-dtor).

But all that is kind of irrelevant. The real design problem here is that
RefProcSubPhasesWorkerTimeTracker is derived from RefProcWorkerTimeTracker.
It should instead have a RefProceWorkerTimeTracker. That would eliminate
all the discussion about base class destructors, and would also make
RefProcWorkerTimeTracker no longer need to perform double-duty as both a base
class and as a concrete class (which is often problematic).


// Updates working time of each worker thread for a given sub phase.
class RefProcSubPhasesWorkerTimeTracker : public RefProcWorkerTimeTracker {
class RefProcSubPhasesWorkerTimeTracker : public StackObj {
RefProcWorkerTimeTracker _tracker;
RefProcSubPhasesWorkerTimeTracker(ReferenceProcessor::RefProcSubPhases phase,
ReferenceProcessorPhaseTimes* phase_times,
uint worker_id);

class RefProcPhaseTimeBaseTracker : public StackObj {