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8214976: Warn about uses of functions replaced for portability #8982

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@kimbarrett kimbarrett commented Jun 1, 2022

Please review this new mechanism for "poisoning" uses of certain functions,
along with marking specific uses as still being permitted. One use for this
is to discourage use of external library functions for which HotSpot provides
extended versions or portability shims. Another is to prevent uses of certain
functions considered "insecure", promoting alternatives or requiring strong

The new mechanism is defined in compilerWarnings.hpp, with compiler-specific
implementations. Comments in the code describe the details. For some
compilers we didn't find any features that would permit such poisoning. As a
result, only shared code has complete coverage.

For gcc and clang we use an attribute that warns about references to an
annotated function, and scoped suppression of that warning. This
functionality is provided since gcc9 and clang14. (I haven't tested with
clang; version 14 is more recent than I have access for. But the docs
describe an explicit match to the gcc functionality.)

For Visual Studio I was unable to find a workable poisoning mechanism. Using
deprecation annotations and scoped suppression of the consequent warnings
seemed plausible, but ran into problems. (See comments in code for details.)
But we provide scoped suppression of deprecation warnings anyway. Many of the
functions we'd poison are already conditionally deprecated under the control
we've removed or annotated all calls associated with one of those macros we
can remove the macro from our builds, preventing new uses from creeping into
unshared code.

The aix-ppc port doesn't provide poisoning support. The version of clang used
by xlclang is older than the warning attribute and suppression.

Along with the new mechanisms, a few functions are poisoned by this change.
More functions can be added as folks have time to address their uses.

The poisoning declarations are in globalDefinitions.hpp, since the signatures
may use types that have platform-specific definitions or locations that are
provided within that header. That header is included (directly or indirectly)
nearly everywhere, so provides good coverage.

The rest of the changes are to address existing uses of the newly forbidden
functions, either using something else or annotating them as permitted uses.


  • Change must be properly reviewed (1 review required, with at least 1 Reviewer)
  • Change must not contain extraneous whitespace
  • Commit message must refer to an issue


  • JDK-8214976: Warn about uses of functions replaced for portability



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bridgekeeper bot commented Jun 1, 2022

👋 Welcome back kbarrett! A progress list of the required criteria for merging this PR into master will be added to the body of your pull request. There are additional pull request commands available for use with this pull request.

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openjdk bot commented Jun 1, 2022

@kimbarrett The following label will be automatically applied to this pull request:

  • hotspot

When this pull request is ready to be reviewed, an "RFR" email will be sent to the corresponding mailing list. If you would like to change these labels, use the /label pull request command.

@openjdk openjdk bot added the hotspot label Jun 1, 2022
@kimbarrett kimbarrett marked this pull request as ready for review Jun 2, 2022
@openjdk openjdk bot added the rfr label Jun 2, 2022
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mlbridge bot commented Jun 2, 2022


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@dholmes-ora dholmes-ora left a comment

Hi Kim,
This seems fine to me.

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openjdk bot commented Jun 2, 2022

@kimbarrett This change now passes all automated pre-integration checks.

ℹ️ This project also has non-automated pre-integration requirements. Please see the file for details.

After integration, the commit message for the final commit will be:

8214976: Warn about uses of functions replaced for portability

Reviewed-by: dholmes, tschatzl, coleenp

You can use pull request commands such as /summary, /contributor and /issue to adjust it as needed.

At the time when this comment was updated there had been no new commits pushed to the master branch. If another commit should be pushed before you perform the /integrate command, your PR will be automatically rebased. If you prefer to avoid any potential automatic rebasing, please check the documentation for the /integrate command for further details.

➡️ To integrate this PR with the above commit message to the master branch, type /integrate in a new comment.

@openjdk openjdk bot added the ready label Jun 2, 2022
coleenp approved these changes Jun 8, 2022
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@coleenp coleenp left a comment

Looks good! thank you for this change.

@@ -94,7 +97,7 @@
} \
} \
fprintf(stderr, "OKIDOKI"); \
exit(0); \
gtest_exit_from_child_vm(0); \
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@coleenp coleenp Jun 8, 2022

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Are the backslashes lined up here? Can you line them up, if not? Thanks for the comment why this function.

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@kimbarrett kimbarrett Jun 8, 2022

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kimbarrett commented Jun 8, 2022

Thanks for reviews @dholmes-ora , @tschatzl , and @coleenp .

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kimbarrett commented Jun 8, 2022


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openjdk-notifier bot commented Jun 8, 2022

@kimbarrett Please do not rebase or force-push to an active PR as it invalidates existing review comments. All changes will be squashed into a single commit automatically when integrating. See OpenJDK Developers’ Guide for more information.

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openjdk bot commented Jun 8, 2022

Going to push as commit 04f02ac.

@openjdk openjdk bot added the integrated label Jun 8, 2022
@openjdk openjdk bot closed this Jun 8, 2022
@openjdk openjdk bot removed ready rfr labels Jun 8, 2022
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openjdk bot commented Jun 8, 2022

@kimbarrett Pushed as commit 04f02ac.

💡 You may see a message that your pull request was closed with unmerged commits. This can be safely ignored.

@kimbarrett kimbarrett deleted the disallow-functions branch Jun 8, 2022
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