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8269614: [s390] Interpreter checks wrong bit for slow path instance a…

Backport-of: be0ac92
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TheRealMDoerr committed Jul 1, 2021
1 parent aa79d2b commit 3ed6237ba3b8ea08c08ed70edb1a4b7d6e575c27
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 2 deletions.
@@ -3815,9 +3815,8 @@ void TemplateTable::_new() {

// Get instance_size in InstanceKlass (scaled to a count of bytes).
Register Rsize = offset;
const int mask = 1 << Klass::_lh_instance_slow_path_bit;
__ z_llgf(Rsize, Address(iklass, Klass::layout_helper_offset()));
__ z_tmll(Rsize, mask);
__ z_tmll(Rsize, Klass::_lh_instance_slow_path_bit);
__ z_btrue(slow_case);

// Allocate the instance

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