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8244592: Start supporting SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH #1597

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@RealCLanger RealCLanger commented Dec 15, 2022

After the backport of JDK-8257679, a non-debug build on Windows in a build directory that's outside the repository will fail. The problem unveiled by the backport is that in those builds, the ALLOW_ABSOLUTE_PATHS_IN_OUTPUT flag is set to false, causing the code here to relativize the make command. This seemed to have worked fine with the old fixpath before JDK-8257679 but now it breaks the build.
In later releases, we get new code by JDK-8256240 that removes the absolute paths on Windows by setting a new compiler option. After the change, FILE_MACRO_CFLAGS is set (e.g. here) which will cause MakeCommandRelative to not relativize the paths in NativeCompilation.gmk.

I propose to backport this behavior to jdk11u by backporting JDK-8244592 Start supporting SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH and JDK-8256240 Reproducible builds should turn on the "deterministic" flag for Visual Studio. This will bring some functionality of reproducible builds to jdk11u. I don't see an issue with that, since the behavior is off by default. The only larger risk I see is whether the newly used Visual Studio compiler options could break existing downstream builds on older VS versions. However, if such a thing occurs, we could add a condition to fall back to the old behavior then.

As for this backport:
I bring in a part of JDK-8240820, namely the new configure function UTIL_ARG_ENABLE which is used by JDK-8244592. Furthermore I incorporated the changes to jdk-options.m4 of the already backported JDK-8257679, which didn't fit at that time.


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  • Change must not contain extraneous whitespace
  • Commit message must refer to an issue




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$ git pull pull/1597/head

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$ git pr checkout 1597

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bridgekeeper bot commented Dec 15, 2022

👋 Welcome back clanger! A progress list of the required criteria for merging this PR into master will be added to the body of your pull request. There are additional pull request commands available for use with this pull request.

@openjdk openjdk bot changed the title Backport 1a16a4b62829e54a4af5446ef15b981212a70718 8244592: Start supporting SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH Dec 15, 2022
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openjdk bot commented Dec 15, 2022

This backport pull request has now been updated with issue from the original commit.

@openjdk openjdk bot added backport rfr Pull request is ready for review labels Dec 15, 2022
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mlbridge bot commented Dec 15, 2022


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@MBaesken MBaesken left a comment

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openjdk bot commented Dec 20, 2022

@RealCLanger This change now passes all automated pre-integration checks.

After integration, the commit message for the final commit will be:

8244592: Start supporting SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH

Reviewed-by: mbaesken

You can use pull request commands such as /summary, /contributor and /issue to adjust it as needed.

At the time when this comment was updated there had been 7 new commits pushed to the master branch:

  • 1acc508: 8274939: Incorrect size of the pixel storage is used by the robot on macOS
  • 3990eb2: 8256110: Create implementation for NSAccessibilityStepper protocol
  • 674218b: 8287906: Rewrite of GitHub Actions (GHA) sanity tests
  • 8a4915e: 8296904: Improve handling of macos xcode toolchain
  • 5f4b38a: 8290899: java/lang/String/ test requests too much heap on windows x86
  • 3f66b16: 8294580: frame::interpreter_frame_print_on() crashes if free BasicObjectLock exists in frame
  • 01f5a19: 8287011: Improve container information

Please see this link for an up-to-date comparison between the source branch of this pull request and the master branch.
As there are no conflicts, your changes will automatically be rebased on top of these commits when integrating. If you prefer to avoid this automatic rebasing, please check the documentation for the /integrate command for further details.

➡️ To integrate this PR with the above commit message to the master branch, type /integrate in a new comment.

@openjdk openjdk bot added the ready Pull request is ready to be integrated label Dec 20, 2022
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Contributor Author


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openjdk bot commented Dec 22, 2022

Going to push as commit ffea913.
Since your change was applied there have been 17 commits pushed to the master branch:

  • 3e65a7c: 8282511: Use fixed certificate validation date in SSLExampleCert template
  • 23aeca9: 8296611: Problemlist several sun/security tests until JDK-8295343 is resolved
  • a3d0522: 8282398: test fails because SSL cert expired
  • c356873: Merge
  • 88954e1: 8298737: 8296772 backport to jdk11u caused build error on sparc
  • 77d919a: 8297804: (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2022g
  • 6a4603f: 8283870: jdeprscan --help causes an exception when the locale is ja, zh_CN or de
  • 31b5184: 8065422: Trailing dot in hostname causes TLS handshake to fail with SNI disabled
  • 2a5ae36: 8289695: [TESTBUG] fails on cgroups v2 and crun
  • dba3022: 8238936: The crash in XRobotPeer when the custom GraphicsDevice is used
  • ... and 7 more:

Your commit was automatically rebased without conflicts.

@openjdk openjdk bot added the integrated Pull request has been integrated label Dec 22, 2022
@openjdk openjdk bot closed this Dec 22, 2022
@openjdk openjdk bot removed ready Pull request is ready to be integrated rfr Pull request is ready for review labels Dec 22, 2022
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openjdk bot commented Dec 22, 2022

@RealCLanger Pushed as commit ffea913.

💡 You may see a message that your pull request was closed with unmerged commits. This can be safely ignored.

@RealCLanger RealCLanger deleted the JDK-8244592 branch December 22, 2022 10:25
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