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8276177: nsk/jvmti/RedefineClasses/StressRedefineWithoutBytecodeCorruption failed with "assert(def_ik->is_being_redefined()) failed: should be being redefined to get here" #693

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@@ -738,9 +738,18 @@ class InstanceKlass: public Klass {

// Redefinition locking. Class can only be redefined by one thread at a time.
bool is_being_redefined() const { return _is_being_redefined; }
void set_is_being_redefined(bool value) { _is_being_redefined = value; }
// The flag is in access_flags so that it can be set and reset using atomic
// operations, and not be reset by other misc_flag settings.
bool is_being_redefined() const {
return _access_flags.is_being_redefined();
void set_is_being_redefined(bool value) {
if (value) {
} else {

// RedefineClasses() support for previous versions:
void add_previous_version(InstanceKlass* ik, int emcp_method_count);
@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ enum {
JVM_ACC_IS_CLONEABLE_FAST = (int)0x80000000,// True if klass implements the Cloneable interface and can be optimized in generated code
JVM_ACC_HAS_FINAL_METHOD = 0x01000000, // True if klass has final method
JVM_ACC_IS_SHARED_CLASS = 0x02000000, // True if klass is shared
JVM_ACC_IS_BEING_REDEFINED = 0x00100000, // True if the klass is being redefined.

// Klass* and Method* flags
@@ -155,6 +156,10 @@ class AccessFlags {
void set_has_localvariable_table() { atomic_set_bits(JVM_ACC_HAS_LOCAL_VARIABLE_TABLE); }
void clear_has_localvariable_table() { atomic_clear_bits(JVM_ACC_HAS_LOCAL_VARIABLE_TABLE); }

bool is_being_redefined() const { return (_flags & JVM_ACC_IS_BEING_REDEFINED) != 0; }
void set_is_being_redefined() { atomic_set_bits(JVM_ACC_IS_BEING_REDEFINED); }
void clear_is_being_redefined() { atomic_clear_bits(JVM_ACC_IS_BEING_REDEFINED); }

// field flags
bool is_field_access_watched() const { return (_flags & JVM_ACC_FIELD_ACCESS_WATCHED) != 0; }
bool is_field_modification_watched() const