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8244088: [Regression] Switch of Gnome theme ends up in deadlocked UI
Backport-of: a7f4691
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Yuri Nesterenko committed May 5, 2021
1 parent 61803a9 commit 9ed07b9029c3174462ed778dba552d119febd1d9
@@ -703,7 +703,7 @@ static int gtk3_unload()
static void flush_gtk_event_loop()
while((*fp_g_main_context_iteration)(NULL, FALSE));

@@ -396,7 +396,7 @@ static void (*fp_g_object_set)(gpointer object,
const gchar *first_property_name,

static gboolean (*fp_g_main_context_iteration)(GMainContext *context);
static gboolean (*fp_g_main_context_iteration)(GMainContext *context, gboolean may_block);
static gboolean (*fp_g_str_has_prefix)(const gchar *str, const gchar *prefix);
static gchar** (*fp_g_strsplit)(const gchar *string, const gchar *delimiter,
gint max_tokens);
@@ -346,10 +346,8 @@ Java_com_sun_java_swing_plaf_gtk_GTKEngine_nativeFinishPainting(
JNIEXPORT void JNICALL Java_com_sun_java_swing_plaf_gtk_GTKEngine_native_1switch_1theme(
JNIEnv *env, jobject this)
// Note that flush_gtk_event_loop takes care of locks (7053002)
// Note that gtk->flush_event_loop takes care of locks (7053002), gdk_threads_enter/gdk_threads_leave should not be used.


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