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8268897: [TESTBUG] compiler/compilercontrol/mixed/RandomCommandsTest.…
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…java must not fail on Command.quiet

Reviewed-by: kvn
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Nils Eliasson committed Jun 30, 2021
1 parent 3826012 commit 0dc65d3
Showing 1 changed file with 3 additions and 1 deletion.
Expand Up @@ -72,7 +72,9 @@ public static AbstractTestBase generateRandomTest(boolean validOnly) {

Executable exec = Utils.getRandomElement(METHODS).first;
MethodDescriptor md;
if (validOnly) {

// Command.quiet discards the method descriptor - can never fail on the method descriptor
if (validOnly || cmd == Command.QUIET) {
md = AbstractTestBase.getValidMethodDescriptor(exec);
} else {
md = AbstractTestBase.METHOD_GEN.generateRandomDescriptor(exec);
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