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8260684: vmTestbase/gc/gctests/PhantomReference/phantom002/ timed out #142

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@kimbarrett kimbarrett commented Jun 24, 2021

Please review this fix of
vmTestbase/gc/gctests/PhantomReference/phantom001/ to
eliminate races that can lead to the test occasionally timing out.

When the referent being tested by a particular iteration is a finalizable
class, the test invoked eatMemory() repeatedly until the referent's
finalize() function set a flag. Then, whether the referent is finalizable
or not, there is a call to eatMemory() to cause the phantom reference to be
cleared and notified. The testing thread then proceeds to wait for the
reference to be notified.

This has a problem with ZGC. One collection made the referent finalizable.
Reference processing and finalization will end up ensuring it will survive
the following collection. If the post-finalization eatMemory() is that next
collection, then it won't clear and notify the associated PhantomReference.
Usually that doesn't cause a problem because the referent will be reclaimed
by some other thread's later call to eatMemory(). But if the test is done
and terminating, there won't be a later GC, and the wait for notification
will block until the test times out.

There are other, rarer, scenarios with various collectors that could lead to
similar timeouts, but the one described above is "relatively" likely.

While investigating this issue I did a bunch of code cleanup (for example,
there was some really badly formatted code), refactoring, and commenting.
As a result, a large fraction of the test has changed, though mostly in ways
that don't affect it's function. The first of the two commits in the PR is
a whitespace-only cleanup. Excluding it may make reviewing easier.

Ran the phantom002 test a couple thousand times.

Using a modified version of the test, verified that the described problem
case actually occurs, on the order of 1% of the time.


  • Change must not contain extraneous whitespace
  • Commit message must refer to an issue
  • Change must be properly reviewed


  • JDK-8260684: vmTestbase/gc/gctests/PhantomReference/phantom002/ timed out



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@bridgekeeper bridgekeeper bot commented Jun 24, 2021

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@openjdk openjdk bot commented Jun 24, 2021

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@mlbridge mlbridge bot commented Jun 24, 2021


pliden approved these changes Jun 29, 2021
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@pliden pliden left a comment

Looks good.

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@openjdk openjdk bot commented Jun 29, 2021

@kimbarrett This change now passes all automated pre-integration checks.

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8260684: vmTestbase/gc/gctests/PhantomReference/phantom002/ timed out

Reviewed-by: pliden, lkorinth

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@lkorinth lkorinth left a comment

Looks good to me!

private void eatMemory(int initialFactor) {
initialFactor , 10, 0);
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@lkorinth lkorinth Jun 30, 2021

remove space before comma

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@kimbarrett kimbarrett Jul 1, 2021


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@kimbarrett kimbarrett commented Jul 1, 2021

Thanks for reviews @pliden and @lkorinth


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@openjdk openjdk bot commented Jul 1, 2021

Going to push as commit 6c76e77.

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@openjdk openjdk bot commented Jul 1, 2021

@kimbarrett Pushed as commit 6c76e77.

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@kimbarrett kimbarrett deleted the phantom_bug branch Aug 4, 2021
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