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JDK-8270866: NPE in DocTreePath.getTreePath() #264

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@hns hns commented Jul 21, 2021

This change fixes a NPE in JavadocLog when the DocTreePath for an inherited doc comment can't be retrieved.

The most important change is to fix the overriddenElement feature in CommentHelper. The purpose of this feature is to enable lookup of the DocTreePath or Element if the comment was inherited from an overridden member, but it was not implemented and used correctly. With this change, the feature is implemented in CommentHelper.getDocTreePath(DocTree) and that method is used whenever the DocTreePath is needed instead of duplicating the functionality elsewhere.

The CommentHelper.setOverrideElement(Element) method was previously used in four places:

  • In when generating a piece of inherited documentation
  • In ReturnTaglet when generating inherited return value documentation
  • In ParamTaglet when generating inherited documentation for a parameter
  • In MemberSummaryBuilder when generating inherited summary documentation for an executable member

The first three usages have been removed with this change because they were not necessary. We can simply use the overridden member owning the comment instead of the overriding one to generate the output. In InheritDocTaglet we already did that, in ReturnTaglet and ParamTaglet I changed the first argument to the doc-generating method from holder to inheritedDoc.holder. (Note that in ParamTaglet the name of the parameter which can change in the overriding member is passed as separate argument.)

The remaining use of CommentHelper.setOverrideElement(Element) in MemberSummaryBuilder was a bit more difficult, since the invoked method MemberSummaryWriter.addMemberSummary generates not just the doc comment, but the whole summary line including the member signature. I tried adding the CommentHelper or Element owning the comment as an additional parameter, but there is pretty long line of methods that must carry the extra parameter around (as can be seen in the stack trace in the JBS issue). In the end I decided to keep the current mechanism to register the overridden holder element with the comment helper.

One thing I am unsure about is whether it is possible for the CommentHelper we register the overridden element on in MemberSummaryBuilder.buildSummary to be garbage collected under extreme memory pressure before it is retrieved and used again down the call graph. The local reference we use to register the comment holder is no longer reachable at that time and it is referenced by a SoftReference in CommentHelperCache. This is probably more of a theoretical issue, and it has existed before, but I thought I should mention it.

Although it should no longer be required, I added back the null checks in the methods to retrieve the DiagnosticSource and DiagnosticPosition instances in JavadocLog. These null checks have been there in the method's precursors in the Messager class and were dropped in JDK-8267126. As far as I can tell, all the reporting functionality in JavadocLog accepts null values for source and position, so this seemed like the right thing to do.

Finally, as a byproduct of my attempt of adding a new parameter I dropped some unused parameters in various writer classes. Since this is just cleanup I can undo these changes to keep it as small as possible.


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bridgekeeper bot commented Jul 21, 2021

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openjdk bot commented Jul 21, 2021

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mlbridge bot commented Jul 21, 2021


if (path == null || path.getTreePath() == null) {
return null;
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Please justify this change and the other similar changes in this file.
It was a deliberate change to drop these checks; I don't see why they're being undone. These checks have the effect of covering up bugs. Just because the old code was sloppy doesn't mean this code should be as well.

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Member Author

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I know the removal was a deliberate change. The decision to propose to reintroduce those checks was based on the following considerations:

  • reporting/formatting code tolerates missing source/position
  • NPE crashes on the other hand are quite serious
  • this code is called from a lot of places
  • we removed these checks quite recently, and we're very close to release JDK 17

That said, I'm not fully convinced we need those checks either. If you feel we can do without it I'm fine with that.

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I had a bit of a surprise when I removed the null checks in JavadocLog as I saw the same NPE when building JDK API docs (the tests were obviously fine). Turns out the problem was the code I removed from CommentHelper that was labeled as "Case B":

Although the purpose of this code was supposedly to handle the case of a comment inherited via @inheritDoc (which I confirmed, and which is why I concluded the code was no longer needed because InheritDocTaglet already uses the "correct" member), there is another case where this code was needed, which is when an overriding member has a doc comment to only add a block tag but still inherits the main description from the overridden member (without {@inheritDoc} tag).

I added commit afc0605 that adds code to CommentHelper.getPath that is equivalent to the old "Case B" code. It also adds a test for this case and removes the null checks in JavadocLog.

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@jonathan-gibbons jonathan-gibbons left a comment

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This looks a better (but more aggressive) solution than I might have done, which would have been to pass around a record containing the CommentHelper with the list of DocTrees. The "cost" is passing around a different holder element which is a bigger deal.

The comment in the description about the use of SoftReference should be followed up on, later.

I'd prefer the checks to stay out of JavadocLog because long term I think they cover up bugs when nulls are incorrectly being passed around. If anything, I'd consider replacing the checks with either assert or Objects.requireNonNull. But I'm OK to leave the checks in 17 if you think there is significant benefit to do so, and because we don't have the time to track down why nulls might be being passed down.

I recommend building JDK docs before/after this change, to verify no changes in the generated output. Bonus points for comparing the output of jtreg tests before/after this change, to verify that only expected differences are found/

@@ -38,7 +38,6 @@
import jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.formats.html.markup.HtmlStyle;
import jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.formats.html.markup.TagName;
import jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.formats.html.markup.HtmlTree;
import jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.formats.html.markup.RawHtml;
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openjdk bot commented Jul 22, 2021

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8270866: NPE in DocTreePath.getTreePath()

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  • 4119a52: 8270461: ZGC: Invalid oop passed to ZBarrierSetRuntime::load_barrier_on_oop_array
  • 89f7998: 8266347: assert(Dependencies::is_concrete_root_method(fm, ctxk) == Dependencies::is_concrete_method(m, ctxk)) failed: mismatch
  • e1051ae: 8264066: Enhance compiler validation
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@openjdk openjdk bot added the ready Pull request is ready to be integrated label Jul 22, 2021
public void addSummaryLinkComment(Element member, Content contentTree) {
List<? extends DocTree> tags = utils.getFirstSentenceTrees(member);
addSummaryLinkComment(mw, member, tags, contentTree);
addSummaryLinkComment(member, tags, contentTree);
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I find this (a bit) surprising, since it is (potentially) useful to have access to the enclosing writer, but that being said, if we ever really need access to the enclosing AbstractMemberWriter it is probably better passed in to the constructor.

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Member Author

hns commented Jul 23, 2021

Thanks for the review, Jon!

I did a recursive diff on the generated docs before and after this change, there are no differences. I'm leaving the JavadocLog checks out as you suggest.

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Member Author

hns commented Jul 27, 2021


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openjdk bot commented Jul 27, 2021

Going to push as commit fbe28e4.
Since your change was applied there have been 39 commits pushed to the master branch:

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  • cea7bc2: 8271223: two runtime/ClassFile tests don't check exit code
  • b76a838: 8269150: UnicodeReader not translating \u005c\u005d to \]
  • 7ddabbf: 8271175: runtime/jni/FindClassUtf8/ doesn't have to be run in othervm
  • 3c27f91: 8271222: two runtime/Monitor tests don't check exit code
  • 049b2ad: 8015886: java/awt/Focus/DeiconifiedFrameLoosesFocus/ sometimes failed on ubuntu
  • 8adf008: 8269984: [macos] JTabbedPane title looks like disabled
  • e90ed6c: 8271173: serviceability/jvmti/ doesn't check exit code
  • b4c6229: 8271189: runtime/handshake/ can be run in driver mode
  • e3800e6: 8271162: runtime/StackTrace/ can be run in driver mode
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openjdk bot commented Jul 27, 2021

@hns Pushed as commit fbe28e4.

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